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I've been watching bits of HLN (what used to be CNN Headline News, but is now all effed up) coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial, which is hosted by Nancy Grace. I had an instant dislike for Grace the first time I saw her on TV. Her face reminds me of a bird of prey. Her attitude is one of anger. The more I watched her, the less I liked her.

One of the tricks of the media is to demonize a person by calling that person by a nickname instead of a given name. As the trial wore on, Grace called Casey by name less and less, and by the idiotic nickname "Tot Mom" more and more. In the final days that is all Grace called her.

Tot Mom? By definition, every mom is a tot mom. I'm surer Grace was trying to find a way of saying "tot murdering mom" without the risk of a libel suit.

I was appalled at how strongly Grace was pushing for a murder conviction, and how unconvincing she was when she claimed to be looking for justice for the child who was killed.

One wonders how CNN justifies hiring some of their hosts. Grace as a prosecutor was twice reprimanded by courts (when overturning her convictions) for playing fast and loose with the rules. And why isn't Eliot Spitzer in jail?


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