Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh Shoot

I'd been on a photo shoot with today's host before, and knew he was a little eccentric. Now I know he also doesn't know squat about basic photography. We shot in a room with almost no light. There was a strobe, but there was nothing to use for focusing or making camera adjustments. Just a single window which was not sufficient. His deal was he wanted to give a workshop on motion blur photography, but his ideas of a good motion blur are my idea of garbage. While he was squee-ing about a photographer he thinks does the best in this genre, he passed around a calendar by said photog. The photos in it are brilliant, but they were all shot in B&W in a brightly lit studio against a white background with fairly powerful studio strobes. Not a motion blur image among them.

After wasting out time for 40 minutes with utter garbage about how frustrating it is to get good photos in this genre, he went to pick up the model. I was expecting to shoot from 10 am.

The model is very interesting. She has the build of a former gymnast, is deeply tanned, and I think she may have beautiful green eyes, but there was never enough light to tell. Using the host's suggestions I got nothing worth keeping. Using my own instincts I got some interesting shots, but everything needs to be photoshopped because of the lack of light and too-small backdrop for motion pix. All NSW, she was nude for the whole shoot.

Picked up a prerscription, and picked up some prints from Costco. Home, chicken soup, then  took care of the litterboxes. Still feeling a little under the weather, will spend some time working on the photos and maybe sit in the sun a bit.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm helping friends set up wireless in their house along with a new PC.

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