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Simple Day, Busy enuf

Miraculous but true, Moto HR arranged for an interview for tomorrow late morning. The names on the list of interviewees are all friends I worked with for 2 years, up until about 2 years ago, with my old boss as the final one on the list.

Started the day filling out Moto job application, which wanted my last three jobs. The third one was the one I was applying for, with the same manager. Eerie. If I get re-hired, it will be the second time a company which laid me of re-hired me, and the fourth company I have worked for more than once, but it will be the first time I would be re-hired for the same job I was laid off from.

Kasenna, a Video on Demand server company, laid me off from a tech support job, and a few years later my old boss, no longer in charge of tech support, hired me on a one-off contract as a field installer. While I was wrapping up that job, the new tech support manager hired me into my old job.

Sony hired me to do tech support in their broadcast group as a full timer, but the project failed and I bailed. A few years later Sony hired me on a contract to work in the same building, different floor, for the new-ish PC group, doing QA.

Microsoft bought the Sunnyvale company I was working for, moved me to Redmond, but I got tired of the boring and the rain and eventually moved back to Silicon Valley. I have since worked for MSFT twice in their Mountain View facility as a contractor.

Went over to A&J's house to look at their new PC, and it was indeed hijacked by Media Center on A's login. J's login worked fine. But with A's profile, anything you clicked on brought up Media Center. The PC is not a media center PC, so this is not just annoying, but silly. So I disabled Media Center, and everything came up the way it should. I'd forgotten last time to put their wireless printer onto their new home wi-fi, so I did that. HP's setup wizard is easy and in plain English.

And then we chatted about linguistics, travel and stuff for half an hour.

Costco is close by, so I went there to pick up the last print for the Reno show. One of Radar in her Princess Leia gown holding a large weapon. She looks sweetly threatening. I've shown this photo at several cons, but this time I cropped it to fit the frame, and it looks a lot better. If it sells, she gets the procedes (an old promise I made which I hope this time will come through).  En route I checked my voicemail, it was Costco saying the new tires I'd ordered were in, a week early. So after I picked up the prints, I dropped off the car. They said an hour and a half, so I wandered through the pet store and the comix store and then remembered the Krispy Kreme. Should have brought the netbook, they have free wi-fi now. It's a nice place to sit and waste time over a custard-filled donut and their version of a slurpee.

Costco called in 45 minutes, the car was done. Nice to have Michelins again, and to have 4 tires which are the same age. Long story short, about 2 years ago a chunk of concrete from a truck ahead of me took a bite out of one tire, so I replaced it. The alignment has not been quite right ever since. Plenty of center tread left, but the sides were awful. Bad for taking off from a stop, especially in the wet.

So, home, checked the pickles, they all sealed well, though it's clear some had been slightly over-filled and dripped a little before sealing. They look pretty - grape leaves and garlic cloves and one bright red chili pepper, with a bunch of green dill seeds in a light green broth. Cthuhlu would be proud.

I was fresh out of pirogi, which meant a trip to Crossroads World Market. There is always some Hebrew being spoken there, sometimes Russian and other Eastern European languages. Most of the Middle Eastern products are in Hebrew. They sell Halvah by the metric tonne. Or so it seems. Today's haul was Ukranian and Siberian meat pirogi, German garlic sausages, German duck pate, Costa Rican 77% chocolate, and a Russian sampler of thinly sliced smoked sea bass, trout and salmon. 

With fish on my mind, I stopped by PetSmart on the way home and picked up a male betta and two more female auratus, which are now in their repective tanks entertaining the other tenants.

Found Keith Olbermann on Current TV (it's only in SD on my lineup) and listened to him gloat about Rupert Murdoch. I did not find his charge of blackmail at all credible. I have been in a similar position back in my newspaper days, and the bottom line is people who own news companies tend to be bullies. It's why they buy news organizations instead of starting up a charity.

The more I watched Mr. O., the less impressed I became. He has learned one lesson: to be up-front about which of his guests he has contributed campaign $$ to, but he has not learned the lesson of not putting those people on the air.

I was switching between that and the All Star Game. Top of the 9th, Joel Hanrahan looked like a total bozo pitching for Bochy's team, and I kept saying "put in a real pitcher". We were ahead 5-1, but the tying run was at the plate when The Beard finally came in to save the day. The mood in the stadium flipped 180°. I'm not much of a baseball fan, in fact it mostly bores me to tears, but even I can see Brian Wilson is the real deal.
Put the filk tunes on the iPod and listened to them in the car today. Forgot how very much I enjoy Gwen Knighton. Love the Box of Fairies CD.

Plans for tomorrow:
Moto interview
PAMF for a blood test & drop off my filled sharps container
PO to mail another eBay sale
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