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  • Wed, 20:54: Google+ android app is very basic. Web app is not much better. Or maybe I am just not into FB-like wheel re-invention.
  • Wed, 20:55: A fun morning of interviews.
  • Wed, 21:21: RT @bnjacobs: As our friend @hankgreen puts it, we're focused on reducing suck when we also need to think about increasing awesome http: ...
  • Wed, 21:29: RT @KCBSNews: The man arrested at SFO after refusing to pull up his pants will not be headed to court, as prosecutors have decided not t ...
  • Wed, 21:30: RT @SaraKateTravel: Congrats 2 the USA women (& Japan) 4 making the World Cup final on Sunday!! That'll be such an exciting game - can't ...
  • Thu, 08:59: What's French for stormy weather?
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