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Work progresses. Had a tutorial from one of the senior testers on the test and bug tracking software programs. Sat down with another senior person to regress some bugs. Installed the latest build on my two boxes. Had a 1-on-1 with my manager, who gave lots of helpful details on How Things Are Dun Around Here. Heartbroken to discover that one of my favorite cow-orkers smokes. Ran a bunch of tests. Thought I found a bug, asked around, read the spec and no, it's a feature. Good news, less typing.

Yesterday the CPA's package (more than an inch thick) of the parental estate taxes arrived. With the wrong name for both me and for the living trust. Major WTF, they pulled both of those names out of thin air, when they had a TaxID doc with everything all spelled out for them. Dashed off email to the partner, he replied they would fix it. Best news is no one owes any $$ to the IRS.  I'm sure the CPA's bill will more than make up for that.

Ye Olde Town Band rehearsal was bizarre. I was 15 minutes early, but we started 15 minutes late. Conductor is out of town (I don't think this was expected, but it may have been). The person he picked to fill in was a brave man, and he did okay. But he did not give any warning before starting a piece, so I was playing catch-up most of the evening. Usually it takes us an hour and a half to run through a concert's worth of numbers, he breezed through them in an hour, and took requests for the next half hour. And he was not slipshod about any of this, he did stop us and go over problem spots as needed, he just didn't insert any padding between numbers.

My final unemployment check arrived, they did pay me for the whole first week. I was wondering, because the two days I worked the second week will bring in $200 more than a week's unemployment. But they did send the check on a different form, one which did not allow for another request.

I don't think she reads this, but just in case, I hope britgeekgrrl had an enjoyable birthday, and sincerely hope the coming year will be many thousands of percents better than the last one. She deserves so much better than Life has dumped on her.

Plans for tomorrow:
Decide which 11 photos are going to Reno, make sure they are all framed, and if I have time make a map for yourbob to use for hanging them. 
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