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A major surprise, the first three boxes of goodies I shipped by slow boat from Thailand arrived today, one from Mae Hong Son and two from Chiang Rai, all with green tape all around saying they were inspected by US customs. The first two boxes were filled with hills tribes embroidery, which looks even more beautiful in the context of a suburban apartment. The first box had my Lonely Planet guide to Thailand and two small sci-fi books which I knew I was not going to have time to read, plus an un-worn pair of black jeans shorts, which I wasn't going to wear because of the mosquitoes. At the bottom of this box was a fully embroidered jacket which sort of fits me.

The second box was opened by customs, but not really inspected - inside was a collection of the hills tribes embroidery I'd bought in the markets, packed inside a plastic bag which in turn was upside-down in another plastic bag, and I'd used a third smaller bag tied to its handles to make an easy-carry handle (this is a very heavy package, and it was a long walk to the Chiang Rai PO).

The last box was dirty laundry. It gave me a chuckle, knowing the customs folks did open it and inspect it. Worn sweaty T-shirts, mostly.

Photos coming soon.

I was surprised to receive these because they only took a month to get here. The Thai PO people said 2-3 months.

Also in today's mail was a small electronic scale which measures in .01 gram increments. Now I can weigh my sapphires, and put them in separate jewel containers (which I received last week). A carat is 0.2 grams, so this scale is accurate to 1/20th of a carat, which is better than I need. Still en route for that project are display trays for the containers to sit in, then I need to get a safe box to put them in. Also, a nice lady gem doctor in Las Vegas has graciously offered to take a look at one of my sapphires to tell me how badly I got gypped. From clues she gave me, and form even more clues on her fabulous web site, it looks like they are real naturally-made sapphires, but they have probably been treated by a diffusion process to bring out the brilliant stars. She should be able to tell me how this affects their value. Anyhow, I sent her two to play with, and according to USPS delivery confirmation, she got those yesterday.
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