Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday, etc.

Monday was easy. Work, home, BASFA.

Tuesday was work, with a team meeting in the morning, during which an issue was raised which I actually knew how to troubleshoot. And I found out that two of my team are pretty technical in a good way.

I took a quick lunchtime trip down the road to Techmart to deliver something I'd sold on eBay. Saved him $15 and me the hassle of packing something fragile and standing in line at the PO.

After work went to Ranch 99 and bought three brands of egg roll wrappers to use with the leftover chicken wing stuffing from Saturday. Learned the hard way they need to be defrosted the slow way. Microwave was not kind to them. I made a batch of the world's ugliest egg rolls anyway. Hey, I was hungry. The ones I ate tasted good, when I got past the cardboard. The good news is one pack is still in the freezer, I just need to whip up more stuffing.

Which brings us to today. More frustration at work, most of it caused by infrastructure stupidity. It took 6 hours to provision a machine which should have taken an hour or less. And I had to fool the other machine with my linux skilz, otherwise it would have been out to lunch too. After the linux one was running, I was given two fixed bugs to verify. One was fixed, the other was fixed in 3 out of 4 menus, but then I found another menu which had the problem which the tester who wrote the bug had missed because it's not a menu which comes up unless a couple of hoops are jumped through and some time is allowed to pass. The only reason I found it is one of my test cases needed those hoops and the extra time.

Another lunchtime errand to drop off another eBay sale item, this time was more complicated. It's a telescope. UPS wanted $90 to pack and ship it. It was only worth $150. SO I listed it as "local sale only - will not ship". The winner of the auction lives in SoCal. After some email exchanges, he knew what he was doing, and was counting on a friend who works real close to where I work part time, and in LA part time, to pick it up and bring it to him. That was about 3 weeks ago. We met in Alviso, and the friend turns out to be an experienced astrophotographer.  We had a nice chat while we waited for his ride to bring the keys to the car (he ducked out of lunch a little early).

So two big items out from underfoot, and delivered. Time to transfer some $$ from PayPal to my bank account.

Good things came of the weekend's OCD episode. I found prints I thought were lost of photos I took at KOMO-TV in the summer of 1969 when I was a studio cameraman for their morning talk show. Mrs. Miller with Charo. That was an interesting combination. Sheri Lewis. Tiny tiny woman with great legs and impressive endowments. And she was a budle of energy and laughs. Prof. Irwin Corey, who guest-hosted. I remember him during his "interact with the audience" approaching a very tall woman in a fairly short dress and saying "Nice legs. Do they go all the way up?".  And a couple of another guest host talking with my mentors, Mr. & Mrs. Leisy. Mrs. Leisy (I later learned her first name was Ruth) produced am international youth festival at the Seattle Center, and she drafted my older sister to MC it. I think they met through the Seattle Sister City committee, which my sister was on way back when there was only one sister city - Kobe, Japan. When my sister went off for a year abroad, Mrs. L drafted me to MC the festival. I'd done a lot of theater in high school, it made sense at the time. She later helped build an arts and crafts center at Seward park and taught classes there. Her husband Clifford was a retired architect. He taught me, somewhat surreptitiously, how to make apple cider. He designed the house they lived in, it was very impressive, especially her studio windows. They both passed away many years ago.

Somewhere I also have photos of Tiny Tim at that TV show, in a box somewhere. Maybe. He was Just Plain Strange. And tall. Very very tall.

Also found were some photos I thought had been stolen when I was in Thailand of me being thin and possibly sexy. And a set of color photos from the 1964 Spokane World's Fair.

Plans for tomorrow:
1-on-1 with manager.
Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals.

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