Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

Channel 1
I'm in the suburbs, a salesman type says if I deliver something the keys to a car are mine. He shows me a pair of keys on a loop of course brown string. He holds them in the palm of his hand and I see them close up. They are copies. Cut to me looking across the street watching him push a small, nondescript gray car toward a spot by the curb. I suggest it would be easier to park if he used the keys. Cut to me parallel parking it, and doing an awful job. "It's your car now" he says.

Channel 2
I am down in the cabin of a boat, in the bunk. A sliding door to the bunk cubbyhole can cover only half the bunk. Right now it is pushed to the foot of the bunk, so I can see out. An attractive young man in yachting clothes is clearing away my breakfast. He is gay. Apparently he is the cabin boy. After he goes I slide the door to hide the head of the bunk. After a while I hear the cabin boy talking to someone, and the someone says a couple of words in Thai. "Farang" which means foreigner or westerner. The door slides back, I see a singularly unattractive white woman, thinning curly red hair, pale white skin covered with pimples, bloated features. She sits on the side of the bunk and I ask her something in Thai. She says she doesn't understand me. "Farang" is just the last thing they yelled at her before they threw her on the boat.

Channel 3
This is a rerun.
A beautiful woman with dark brown hair, wearing a short, tight knit dress, beige with a dalek-like pattern of black dots running from top to bottom in several columns, which accentuate her hourglass figure, is holding a notebook or pad of paper. She sits on a stool a few feet from me. The background is pure white, like a photo studio. She looks at what she is holding, starting to read. I tell her she has beautiful legs. She looks at me, smiles, and spreads her thighs as far as her dress will let her. She is not wearing panties. She asks if I want to fuck. I say yes, but my ED meds are at home. Home is 15 minutes away. She says she will wait for me.  
Tags: dream weirdness

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