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Busy weekend - Saturday

Saturday started with the manicure, timed it right and got my favorite person. The fingernail which I'd smashed in the car trunk lid a couple of months ago finally stopped being able to support the acrylic armor plating, so she only did 9 nails. I suppose I could have asked for the 10% discount. :-)

Next was laundry, which I could have put off another week.

Surgical strike shopping trip to Michael's for a portfolio case. This was on my list whether I was bringing my photos to Reno myself or not. Turned out to not be as surgical as hoped, thanks to customers pulling tags off many of them, and a sad lack of price tags. Settled on a combination of a pair of paper folders close to the size of the photos, which can hold 6 each; and a portfolio case large enough to carry the folders, after I add some padding.

The highlight of the day was going to the Mountain View Center for the Performing arts (affectionately known to some of us as the Center for Reforming Tarts), to see Lyric Theater's staged reading/singing of turn of the last century British musical Our Miss Gibbs. Mary Gibbs is a country lass from Yorkshire who gets a job as a shop girl at Harrod's (called Garrod's in the show). She is attractive and charming and every man who meets her wants to marry her.

IRL the leading lady is someone I want to marry, but she is way out of my league. A Ph.D. astronomer, she is also an amazing nature photographer, sings opera, and is just a delightful person on top of all that. I was lucky enough to be parked next to her on stage for 10 minutes before each show opened the last show I performed in for Lyric. She helped my morale a lot.

She was superb in the role, as was the other ingenue, who happened to also be in that same show with us. Even though this was a reading, it was completely staged, the director did a lot of work on making it as close as it could be to a real show, though there were no sets, minimal props, the men wore tux and the women wore evening gowns (with a couple of exceptions where costumes called for in the script were changed into). Instead of the usual solo piano, there was a small orchestra. It was a big cast, and I'd performed with all but maybe four of them, which made it much more fun.

She show was delightful, and while a lot of it was in 1900s vernacular, there was a glossary in the program which helped. Much easier than pretending to understand Shakespeare.

Unfortunately the show was just for the weekend here, with a show on Saturday in Walnut Creek which will be sold out by the time you read this.
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