Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy Weekend - Sunday

Well, not so busy, really. Spent the morning trying to figure out why Word 2007 was no longer spell checking. Priced Office 2010 and decided to buy a copy. Later.

Got a start on the data spreadsheet for the Renovation Art Show display. I do this for each con art show I'm in, it's pretty simple, just a list of the item #, title, who is the model, who created the costume, where the photo was taken and what size the print is. That's used to build a mailmerge document which generates a sticker for the back of the photo and a post-it label to slap under the photo in the art display.

Did not have time to finish, needed to grab my baritone and head out to Shoup Park for the monthly Last Sunday concert. I got there at 1:10, and all the spots I usually park in were taken, so I parked a block away. When I got to the site, there was already a big crowd set up to watch us, and the park was filled with picnickers and kids playing. By the time we started playing at 1:30 there were about 3x as many people in the audience as there were the first concert I played there 2 years ago.

I played well enough. Better than usual on the high notes, I still had a lip left at the end of the concert. Strange, though, I wasn't able to hit the lowest note. Probably the two are related.

Home, changed into civvies, went to Fry's and found Office 2010 on sale for $20 off, which paid the taxes plus a couple of pennies. Home, made a snack which turned out to be almost dinner, installed Office, caught up on LJ, FB and Twitter, finished the art show stuff but discovered that though I had permission from all the people in my pictures, there are two photos I don't know how to credit. One will be fixed with follow-up email, and if not there's enough info online to fake something which won't insult anyone. The other was a verbal okay, or if it was email I can't find it. I'm okay with showing the photo, but would really like to give credit to the person in the photo, who may be at the con.

All that done, watched a bit of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, made another snack (and discovered they both love cheese-in-a-can), gave the kitties their usual nightly treats, and here I am.

Opened another jar of the last batch of pickles, and whoa, salty! But I've been cutting down on my salt intake for years, so maybe these are fine for other folks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expect The Call from Moto and all the wheels which that will set in motion
BASFA maybe. Am tempted to bring a jar of the "relish" pickles, just in case anyone likes that taste. I don't, but there wouldn't be relish in the stores if there weren't a lot of other people who do.
Tags: band, computer, cons, photography

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