Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hassle Free Shirts

One of the things I like about KingSizeDirect (my source for big guy shirts) is they make shirts which are wrinkle and stain resistant. Allegedly. I have maybe 12 of these, and one has food stains on the front which don't want to come out.

A while back I bought an Epson all-in-one Artisan 835 because it does a super job of printing CDs/DVDs (I buy direct-printable discs). I don't need the built-in fax (I don't have a land line to plug it into, and email has replaced faxes anyway) and I love the document feed on the scanner. One compromise I made, though, is it has an HP-style bottom feed paper tray, which means the paper has to be fed in upside-down and wrapped around in the back. In other words, it can't handle card stock. Discovered this the hard way trying to print new callikng cards for Worldcon.

So today I picked up another printer, also an Epson, for a mere $70, which has the classic gravity feed. Setting it up right now. It's wireless, so I have some options of where to place it, but for now it is on a stand next to the computer. I may park it elsewhere when I'm not using it.

Went to CVS to collect my insulin for the month, and discovered the new insurance wants to bill me full price. There's a $1200 deductible. Technically my old insurance is still in effect, I will look into keeping that alive till the end of the month. $400 monthly fee in return for $150 charge for the insulin. Net savings of $650. Definitely worth it.


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