Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I'm living in an apartment with roomate(s). One is a woman in her 20's, I don't recognize her from IRL, but I get a vague sense she is lironess. She has come out of a room which has a well-worn, hollow door with a faux wood veneer, cheap faux brass knob - well, not really a doorknob, I see as my view zooms in on it. It's smaller, one of those gadgets which you twist half-way to slide the lock into place. It's round, except for one side flattened (to make it easier to tell if the knob is in lock/unlock position). There's no true knob on this door.  The woman is ducking down as she leaves the room, all I see is a little of her face and the top of her head - she has a tight afro-like do.

Curious, I flip the knob to "open", and walk intro the room. It is dimly lit, and I feel a need to pee. Looking around I don't see a toilet but there's a bath tub, so I aim for that. And notice the tub is almost full of water (used water) and is in the process of draining - slowly, because it's an old apartment. The tub is a beige-mustard color. 
Tags: dream weirdness

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