Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I am at work, it's almost my last day, and an attractive female engineer is asking me if there is anything I would want to improve about the software. I tell her they ought to allow decimals in the Mbps entry field. I tell her 3 Mbps is not enough, 4 Mbps is too much, the product's videos would look best at 3.5 Mbps.

She says she thinks I may be right, why don't we go to a production house she used to work at and ask them. So we walk outside, it is a balmy sunny day, we continue our conversation until we get to a large nondescript one-story building painted an ugly reddish mustard brown. There is no entry on the side we are on. The engineer is puzzled, but then she remembers they change where the door is from time to time for security reasons.

We go around the building and find the door, people at the reception desk are happy to see her, they call her Elena, which is not her real name, but obviously the name she worked as here.

She tells me to stay there while she goes inside to talk to the production people.

I am walking into a pool area, huge swimming pool with lots of men in it. Most are on inflatable rafts, some are clinging to the side of the pool, facing my direction. They are wearing swim suits which are non-remarkable. I am in a way too big for me beach robe, zipped up the front, with the hood on, naked underneath. There are four other men poolside dressed the same way. Off to the side there is what looks like a bar, but it has be made into a work area. Ron Jeremy is there, doing some make-work task. There is also a female porn star, who seems to be in charge.

She tells the five of us she will be right with us, and we can take off our robes and get into the water.The other four guys do so, but I'm not interested in being naked. It is obvious that in order to worm her way into the production studio "Elena" had to pretend I was there to audition for this porn film company.

Waiting and waiting and waiting, Ron is still doing make-work, the female porn star is also doing paperwork, both ignoring us. After a couple of hours of not being rescued by Elena, I tell the other four I'm out of here, I need to get back to work, and I head for the door. There is a small Rottweiler on a chain who lunges at me with very large teeth when I reach for the door handle.

I grab the dog by the back of his collar, which has a radio unit attached to it, and hold him up facing away from me, his hind legs just reaching the ground. He barks a lot but is no threat. Before I can reach for the door handle with my other hand, an angry man comes out and yells at me for molesting the dog, but he lets me inside.

I'm in a men's dressing room with the other guys, we are looking through several clear plastic bags for our clothes. I find mine in two bags, and get dressed.
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