Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Night Thursday

Did tour the parties, Texas was still serving BBQ, big room, well laid out, but why oh why do people cluster in place as soon as they get their food, blocking the line? London party was huge, well-attended, and highly amusing tube maps on the walls. Did not know Mordor had a tube station. The combined Westercons party room was a bit small but fun. Many of the usual Ba Area peeps, incuding lisa_marli, dinogrl, dave_gallaher, bovil in cowboy hat behind the bar, kproche sporting a mohawk, in front of the bar. I tasted an olive (yummy!) sans martini fixings. Had a nice chat with a couple who liked my "You never forget your first doctor" Tardis T-shirt.

Had a cupcake at the London party, but it was time at about 12:30 to go to the Purple Parrot and have a banana split. Small-ish banana, but otherwise quite good, and once again the service was excellent. Saw Phil Foglio at a nearby table, I'm guessing with his wife (only saw her from the back) which surprised me since the Girl Genius dance was still going on.

I've been sleeping through the night since I got here, instead of my usual 3 am potty call. Not sure if it is the comfy pillows (which I liked so much I ordered a pair online) the different mattress, or the very full days with lots and lots of walking. All of the above, perhaps. I know it isn't better blood sugar control, because my meter says I've been in the usual range.

This morning's plan is to catch the bus to the other end of the route from yesterday, which is a mall that has a Best Buy, among other things. Probably will snag some breakfast in that area, and maybe I'll make it to the con for the 11:30 Katie Tinney concert, which will probably feature her mom Betsy on cello, since AFAIK Katie, who is a teenager, does not play any instruments. At least I have never seen her do more than sing, which she does beautifully. I also love her confidence.
Tags: cons, entertainment

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