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Can't believe I did not update this all week. Well, yes, I can. I was up way too late every night doing other things, mostly.

Monday: Showed up for orientation at the Sunnyvale campus on about 3 maybe 4 hours' sleep. Orientation did not have any information I didn't already know, except that they are doing away with Kaiser HMO in 3 months, which makes me want to scream. I was looking forward to hassle-free billing and not having to go all over the south bay for specialists. Boo, hiss. They basically knew nothing more than I did about the Google acquisition. We got a tour of the campus, totally wasted on me because I won't be working there. I would have bailed early but they still had my passport. It should not have taken that long to get them back. As soon as that arrived I was out of there.

Drove to the Santa Clara office, my boss was out sick but everything was ready for me, and then some. My old 2009 magnetic calendar from my ex-dentist was on the white board. Three of the plastic picture hanger hooks I'd left behind were still on the walls (I would rotate photos regularly). The cable I had not finished soldering when I was laid off was in the cabinet. There were some of my wall clips in the drawer (for holding small docs), my desk was at the raised height I'd gotten them to do special for me, and they gave me the same laptop I was given when Motorola bought Terayon a few months after I joined. I know it was the same one because it still had my old ID number hard-coded into the Perforce software safe. I have the same phone number, and they kept my bug tracking system login the same (I had to ask what it was, it's been a while).

The whole QA team was in the aisles pretending to not have been waiting for me. People came out of the woodwork to welcome me back - something which has continued all week. You know the pen ceremony in A Beautiful Mind? It felt a bit like that.

Most of the day was spent doing stupid Moto paperwork and training which I had before, but can't prove because they changed my company ID number. One of them was about the hazards of ESD which has nothing at all to do with my job. Another was a generic "what to do in an emergency" which was based on the Illinois HQ buildings, which I'd already taken and was not amused last time about the sections on floods and tornadoes.

Was totally wiped by the end of the day, came home, spent way too much time on the computer processing Worldcon stuff, and went to sleep way too late. Skipped BASFA because I did not think many people would be there (I see from the minutes I was way wrong) and needed the sleep (which I didn't get).

Tuesday: Boss was there, for smaller values of "there". He is still sick. He gave me some clues on things to start working on, which turns out to be a machine I had never worked on before. It was brand new in 2009. Hung three of my Worldcon art show photos in my cube. Looked at my training sheet and saw I still had one class to go - a hazard/emergency one specifically for our building, it said. Well, not really, it was specifically for any California site which was not the main Sunnyvale or San Diego campus. It was much better than the one with tornadoes. As I was in the "what to do in an earthquake" section, my cell phone beeped. There was a message from my Baltimore sister that they had been told to go home, there was a 5.9 quake. Trains were not running so she had to hitch a ride with a co-worker. Insert Twilight Zone music here. I called her just to tie up the phone lines. Three weeks or so after we moved to Seattle she was walking to school when a much larger quake hit. Been there, done that. Home, found more picture hanger clips. Stayed up too late again, more Worldcon stuff.

Wednesday: Hung two more photos. One of my cow-orkers loaned me a machine to run bug verifications on, and I got together with the guy who could tell me which bugs I might have a fighting chance of working on, but none of them fit. They all were tech support bugs, needing customer equipment. I couldn't even ask support to close any of them because they needed to be kept open for the next release. So I started cherry-picking test cases, finding the easy high-priority ones, and ones which looked like they might be easy once I  learned how to do them on the new machine. After work I went to Costco and bought a Motorola Atrix phone ($99 with new contract) to see if the long battery life, light weight and sharp screen were enough to make me put aside my HTC Thunderbolt. Both 4G, both Android, Moto is on AT&T, HTC is on Verizon. More on that later. More staying up too late processing photos, uploading them to Flickr, and labeling all of them.

Thursday:  More testing. Lunch with my next door neighbor, with whom I have kept in touch during the interim. He said it was a great little Japanese place, and it was certainly little and Japanese. Their definition of tempura is not my definition of tempura. Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal, the last one before Sunday's concert. E, a female tuba player who sat next to me at last month's concert, and whose husband sits in front of me in the French Horn section, has been an FB friend since the last concert. She came up to me as I was putting my horn away and asked if she could ask some personal questions. Sure, my life is an open book, but it has a lot of typos. "Are you in a relationship?"   No. "Are you gay?" No. "Are you open to a relatioship?" sure. "Will you be at the concert Sunay?" Yup. So I will be meeting a friend of hers at the concert. E is about 10 years older than me, she says her friend is my age. That's about 30 years older than my preferred date, but maybe at least I'll make a freind. E says I'm the only one she knows who might be a match (she has read my web site, and follows me on FB). AFter rehearsals, a late dinner. A pair of pillows arrived which I had ordered before the con. I thought they were the same kind as the ones I loved at the Marina Bay motel in Santa Barbara back in May. They are not, but at nearly $100 each and a 30-day no questions return policy, I tried them out. Not even close, they will be going back tomorrow.  Also delivered was the replacement Kindle, and I spent some time on the PC printing an RMA UPS sticker for the broken one and sealing it in the box to be returned. Another late night.

Friday: Which was today when I started this. Was fairly productive at work, learned a bunch of things about the new machine, almost found a bug but it turned out to be a Java cache issue in my browser. Six of us went to Santana Row, The Counter for lunch. I am not a burger gourmet, but even I could tell these are excellent burgers. And lots of eye candy (we sat outside).  Before leaving work I looked for a UPS drop box online, it said there was one on the corner a few blocks away. There wasn't. No worries, I'll just use the one on Shoreline Blvd near Google. Got there, but only after being caught in amphitheater traffic.

Home for a bit, went for a massage, watched the last quarter of the Rams-Chiefs game. I am totally blown away by how much better the Tivo Premier's HD picture is than the 3rd generation HD box. Football use the best equipment to broadcast their games, it's a treat for the eyes. The audio is not quite as good, but neither were the Rams' announcers. Decided the Atrix is going back to Costco. I did a factory reset, and will take it back Monday after work. I'd return it tomorrow, but (a) Costco on the weekend is a zoo and (b) it would mean driving to work to get the charger I left there. I got it at the Costco there, so I want to return it there. Plenty 'o' time to do that and make it to BASFA. Reason for the return? Everything is too small on the screen, or too big. The UI is just insane, the android clock widget doesn't update automatically, it's a mess.

Plans for tomorrow:
Litterbox duty
break down a bunch of boxes and haul them to the dumpster
Ship back the pillows.
Maybe take a nap.
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