Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunny with a chance of laziness

Puzzling litterbox situation. The usual summer routine is two litterboxes last two cats two weeks. I use the automatic kind which take crystals instead of gravel. The crystals are supposed to be super-absorbant, and in the summer especially everything ought to stay dry and be real easy to dispose of. This morning I went out on the balcony to take care of things, and saw that I was maybe 3 days too late - both cats decided to think outside the box at least twice, and both boxes were a soggy clumping mess. Makes me suspect the folks who make the kit have gone to cheaper crystals. Will pick up an extra jug of them just in case. And will check the litterboxes more often.

Went for a haircut, beard trim and manicure. Still only 9 fingers, but the nice lady says maybe next time she'll do the one which was smashed in the car trunk lid lo these many months ago.

Went to the nearby Chinese fast food place, halfway through the meal I needed to use the loo, and the results were dramatic. As usual, I left over about 1/3 of the food, then went to the nearby Clocktower coffee shop for a mocha and croissant. Needed their restroom too, got there a little later than optimum. The damage was not too bad, but enough to go home and change undies & pants. Needed to be wearing shorts anyway. On my way into the apartment two fighting hummingbirds missed my face by an inch.

Relaxed a bit in the recliner with Pumpkin on my lap and Domino nearby. Upstairs, went out onto the balcony to watch hummingbirds. Domino was on my lap and later used me as a springboard to get onto the railing. Pumpkin spread out on the deck under the feeder. Birds ignored both of them.

Errands time. Brought the box of pillows to Fedex to RMA. They were not the pillows I thought they were, and no way are they worth $200 for the pair. Feather pillows, but so carefully constructed to protect from allergies that they don't feel like feather pillows. I bought the "medium" but they felt like firm. Next, around the corner to office products place to buy a retractable reel for my new company badge. And now am at the starbucks across the street, my usual late night one.

Yet to be done today is breaking down a bunch of boxes and hauling them out to the recycle dumpster. Was going to to that earlier, but someone is moving out, and their van is blocking the route to the dumpsters.

Need to get serious about moving.


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