Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back To Almost Normal Schedule

For the first time in ages I'm back to something approaching my usual schedule. Slept as long as I needed to, then slept for another half hour. Did my usual morning stuff, had a light breakfast, spent some quality time with the cats, grabbed my horn and drove to the concert an hour and a half early. Got my favorite parking spot at the top of the hill.

It was a fairly easy concert, only a couple of notes here and there were up above the staff, my lip was thankful. A couple of passages were too fast for my fingers, but I never seriously lost my place and there were some places where the baritone section sounded superb. All 5 of us were there, which helps.

At intermission one of the female tuba players introduced me to a friend who is single. Tuba player is married to one of the French Horn players, all three of them work at SRI. The original plan was to go somewhere for after-concert pizza and chat, but friend had just survived a weekend of being re-routed several times to get back home from S. Carolina and took a "jet check". I'll email her later and figure out a way to get together. I didn't hear a click, but she has the most amazing eyes. Odd that the English accent put me off a little.

So, home, changed into civvies, more time with cats on my lap while watching the pretty faces on CNN try to justify all their pre-Irene panic by showing scenes of flooding which anyone who spent a rainy season in Bangkok would laugh at. They really had to dig to find actual flooding, and the interviews were all "oh, this happens every year, just not quite as bad". Sheesh.

Lots of people without electricity, but that's not due to the strength of the storm as much as the weakness of routine maintenance by the various utility companies.

Wrapping it up here at Starbucks. Maybe there's a Seahawks game on Tivo tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco - return Moto Atrix phone

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