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Day of Mon

Got to work before 9 just to show I could. This week's team meeting was at 10, next week's is at 9 so the European part of the team can phone in. My counterpart in Belgium already emailed me a welcome message last week.

Team meeting was the same as always, plus the added bonus of all of us being invited to boss' daughter's 5th birthday party. I think I went to her 3rd. Or was it last year? I forget. It's fun, because there are always a lot of Thai people there.

Work day was a little slow, I spent a lot of time reading test cases to see which ones were not done yet that I knew how to do. Left the office running an overnight test.

After work I popped in to Costco to return the phone, it took about 45 minutes because there were two other customers and only one guy at the kiosk. He did his best, but the other two just would not shut up.

From there, since I still had time and rush hour traffic was starting to thin out, I took a drive up to the apartment complex I have an appointment to see tomorrow. It's way out by Kaiser hospital, which is a good thing, but on the way out the light at Lawrence takes forever. And it's far from 101. and Central. I'll take a look, though, because it has one perk the closer ones don't have - a 2BR with only 1 bath. Do not want a second bath or half bath. It's gated, and has a washer-dryer, and the rent is pretty low.

BASFA was lightly attended, I got a couple of zingers in (one wasn't even a pun) and picked up a book which I think I will give to my sister at her son's wedding.

Adrienne made a shocking announcement, my long-time friend Paul Metz killed himself. I had just ssen him and his wife & kids at WorldCon. Came back to LJ to find figmo posted about him here, more eloquently and in more depth than I ever could.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apartment hunt
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