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Hunting the Wiley Apartment

Work was a challenge today - most of the tests I knew how to do had been grabbed by the other new guy, but I found a couple of tests which required using a piece of equipment which I'd been trying to avoid. Turns out its login was still my old one, and they improved the user interface so well that it was no problem at all - after I discovered it took a couple of minutes to respond to a command. One of those is running overnight right now.

Ducked out for an 11:30 am appointment to see an apartment only to discover the person who set it up was out for the next 3 days, and had not left any notes for her co-worker. Older building way up by Kaiser hospital. Bedrooms are small, livingroom is big, mini-stack washer & dryer, but mostly the hall from the door to the livingroom does not look like it will accommodate the piano. The price was fairly low. Weird thing is it's gated, but they keep the gates open during the day.

Back to work & more fun challenges.

In other news, one of the perks of the new job is a Caltrain/VTA pass. Free travel any time for any reason. Don't know if Google will continue it next year.

Left a little early to pay a return visit to the apartments at 101 & Lawrence, which cost more but are newer, larger, and always gated. She showed me two of the three units which will be available in October, I'm thinking the third one may be better. #1 is small and more expensive because it has a pool view. Had one of those once and screaming children cured me of wanting one again. #2 looked nice because it has a front gate which opens to the path, but the more I think about it, that's the patio, and the cats would get out. #3 is way in a corner, but this means it is closer to parking & further from the kiddy stuff.  The woman who showed me around is the same one I saw last time, she remembered me, had her notes handy from last time. So here's the TMI: I am not a breast man. To me, larger is not better, my IQ does not go down as her breast size goes up. However, this woman's fairly large breasts and scoop neckline I found really attractive, and eye magnets. Part of it is she is about 6" shorter than me, so the view is there whether I like it or not. But I liked it. A first.

The other place I saw 2 weeks ago is too small, and the place I used to live is too expensive.

So I printed out a deposit check and credit application check, and at lunchtime tomorrow will take a look at #3 and choose one.

Since I was on Lakeside anyway, I drove around the curve and had dinner at Sizzler, passing the long-abandoned Peppermill on the way. The building and signage is still there, it must be 10 years by now since they closed. I think they would do well if they re-opened.

Home, yet another bogus bill from Palo Alto Medical Center, and also something online from El Camino Hospital wanting another $375 for a bill I paid in full in June. They did not as much as hint why they thought I owed them anything. Sent a message to customer service  saying I paid in full, correct your records. Sent back the PAMF bill with a NOTE for the 10th time about which insurance company they need to bill, and telling them to try to get it right this time.

Ordered a couple of Unwoman CDs.

Found a moving company which BBB gives a perfect score to, asked for an estimate, got back a form email saying phone them. Which I will do tomorrow. Started picking possible photos for my 2012 calendar. Need to go to Booksellers and buy a few.

Signed up for a photo shoot Saturday (someone dropped out, I was on the waiting list).

The woman I met at the concert Sunday mis-spelled my email address, it was caught by the domain I set up a few weeks ago for that purpose. I emailed her as if I had not received her message (the auto-reply says it's a dead letter box, no one reads the mail there). Two strikes - one for not just cutting and pasting the correct address her friend sent, and one for not knowing how to spell "weird". She's from England, she should know how to spell English.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apartment business
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