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More apartment stuff

The new apartment web site has a link where you can send a note to a bunch of moving companies to contact you about your move. I had already found one company on the Better Business Bureau web site and made an appointment for an in-home estimate, but I figured one or two more would be a good idea. This morning when I was just about to be on time for work, a woman with a thick eastern European accent called to arrange one for her company, which she said was named All Move. After a lot of "no, we don't work during those hours" and her attempts to schedule something during my work hours, we arrived at a pre-work time next week.

During the day I received four more feelers, All Move sent a ballpark estimate as did two of the others. All Move's was the highest by $20/Hr. so I decided to go onto BBB.org and pick the ones with the best rating. Turns out All Move is not accredited, and had a bunch of complaints. They were all resolved, but needed BBB intervention and two were marked as not to the customer's satisfaction. I emailed them and canceled. And sent a note to the one other BBB A+ rated no-complaints company asking for an appointment.

Also emailed the two apartments I had toured but did not choose.

Work was kind of non-productive for me. The only tests left to run required ad insertion, and I spent most of the day trying to get the ad server simulator software to work. Will have to ask the expert for help tomorrow. Went to lunch with two of the guys, the idea was to go to Wing Stop while the driver left his car at the car wash. What they didn't tell me is the car wash and Wing Stop are a mile apart. Long walk, both ways. I liked the wings but the sauce was messy. Next time I'll see if they have a no-sauce option. Also, this place is way far from work, took about 15 minutes to drive there. I'd rather stay more local.

As I was leaving work my brain was saying to go to Starving Musician and ask them about consigning my two beater baritone horns, but autopilot took me to Starbucks. The one near the movies. There was a huge line at the cinema - something must have just opened - so parking was hard to find. I remembered about Starving Musician after they had closed, but there was still time to get home and watch most of the 9ers game.

But first I stopped at Safeway and bought some essentials. $1.99/lb for apples? Yikes. Bananas looked good, limes looked anemic. Oranges were too small and all the soft fruits were rock hard. Got some small microwave dinners, bread, and snack stuff. And olives.

I'd given my notice at the apartment this morning, the manager left an envelope on my door with the Official Form and my final rent calculation. After I write this I'll go online and change my bill pay.

Watched the 49ers win, but more importantly saw that they have good backup quarterbacks which hopefully will replace the not very good starters. Also flipped back and forth at breaks to the Arizona-Denver game. Arizona is a force to be reckoned with. Tim Tebow was very disappointing as Denver QB. I can't stand his Jesus preaching, but will put up with it if it comes with the talent he claims Jesus gave him. But apparently it does not.

Email from the photo meetup organizer that Saturday's shoot is off, the model canceled.

Plans for tomorrow:
Starving Musician - the baritone horns are already in the trunk of the car
Wonder what to do with a 3-day weekend.

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