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Work was frustrating. I spent most of the day trying to get ad insertion software to work. Finally did with the help of two of the other testers, but by then all the test cases which used it had been run by others.

Drove to the new Starving Musician location with two baritone horns in my trunk, but nobody was there who handled such things. They gave me the phone number of the guy who does, and we arranged for me to come back Sunday. He was doubtful that he would buy them or take them on consignment. But it's the beginning of school, and these will be real cheap. A new baritone goes for $2k, these are old & ugly - but playable - and I only want $300 each.

All day my brain has been annoying me by planning on what can go into boxes right away, what can go to Goodwill, and something which keeps popping in there unwanted is one of the last things I will do: Dumpster all the throw rugs and runners, except for the sheepskin rug, because the cats have marked them. But that's the last thing 'cause I don't want them marking the carpet. I've arranged for the apartment manager to have his people clean the place and steam clean the carpets and bill me for it.

When I got home turned on what was supposed to be tonight's Seahawks game, but was yesterday's Ram's game. So I did what I was supposed to do after Starving Musician and hit Pet Club for extra litterbox crystals. The boxes needed them.

Found the game on channel 2 - forgot it was a Raiders game.

My first Motorola pay statement arrived, I expect it will make it into Quicken tonight or tomorrow. Direct deposit on first pay period - a major win. Which reminds me, I made a note during orientation but keep forgetting to look at my notes. One of the phrases they used was "customer stickiness". Eeeeewww.

And in other brainworms, I downloaded a Kindle version of Earth Abides, and bouncing through my head ever since has been the thought that ____ Abides ought to make a good fill in the blank meme. And book title.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO - mail a parallel card to my brother in law
Look for "300" themed photos to take for Drink Tank's 300th issue. And write something for it, no idea what.
Make more and better playlists for the car's ipod. Rip the Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy CDs first.
Take some stuff to Goodwill
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