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Putting extra crystals in the litterboxes was a total FAIL. The extra weight jammed the rake, which negated the automatic part of the automatic litterbox. Had to change out the boxes. Would have done so Saturday, but am still in denial that the cats are depositing twice as much this month as they have been doing for the last year.

After that project was done I sat on the balcony and watched as many as 4 hummingbirds at a time park on the feeder. I think there are twice that many which took a shot at it, hard to tell. There was a lot of bullying and sometimes two or three would start a fight and zoom off out of sight, still engaged in battle. Nice to see them, there were no hummingbirds at all until about a month ago.

Back to this afternoon. I did go to the movies, 4:40 show of Captain America. Things were just starting to get interesting when the screen went blank, white lights started flashing and an announcement looped which said a fire emergency had been detected in the building, to leave by the nearest exit and don't use the elevators. To the best of my knowledge, there are no elevators in the building. The only smoke I smelled was from the In-n-Out across the parking lot. I'm guessing some bozo pulled the alarm. It took a long time for everyone to get out, maybe 15 minutes, and the fire truck arrived about then. Very slow response. After the FD found nothing to fight, they left. It took a few more minutes for the theater to lock all its doors and send someone out front to tell about 3,000 people we could go to the theater in Saratoga (yeah, sure) or come back another day and redeem our ticket stubs. Or at least that's what I gathered from the snippets of her inadequately amplified voice which reached me. No anger in the crowd, but a lot of WTFing.

Home, had dinner, watched some football, and at 7 called the theater, they were open for the 7:30 show. I could make it if I left now. Got on the freeway and saw a wall of stopped cars two exits from mine - and even though I was in the right-hand lane and the next lane over was an exit-only, it took 5 minutes  to exit. I drove back home. Maybe I'll try the late afternoon show tomorrow.

Saw a random post online from an old friend whom I thought had moved to Sacramento (after moving to Oakland for a bit). She's in Fremont now. I emailed her and got an invite to visit tomorrow. It'll be fun seeing her again.

While I'm writing this I'm also ripping my show tunes CDs. I'm only grabbing the tunes I like. Doing Carousel now, Chess is next. Yes, all my CDs are in alphabetical order within each section, except for my classical CDs which I don't have enough of to justify the effort. And my Thai CDs, because It's a PIA to remember the order of the Thai alphabet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Buy pickling cukes and put up a batch of kosher dills
Visit friend
Captain America, Take II
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