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Not Very Buenos Notches

I woke up early to be ready for the 8am on-site estimate from 1 of 2 moving companies, and he phoned to say he would be about 45 minutes late. Which he was. So that company loses a point - moving companies have to be all about being on time, since they charge by the hour. He also said he expected to have an estimate for me by the end of the day, and did not, so 2 points down.

While he was here, Domino made all kinds of "pet me" signals, but Pumpkin was nowhere in sight. Found him under the bed later.

Second company is due here at 9 tomorrow.

In other news, CPA says not to send the IRS any $$ yet - wait till they get back to us - probably in 60 days is what the notice said.

Looks like I'm selling my older beater baritone. Mom of 10-year-old said it was exactly what she was looking for, I'll bring it over to their home Friday night. They live just the other side of the Palo Alto border from me.

Work today was kind of boring to begin with, but got more interesting when I asked one of the team to let me look over his shoulder while he verified that a particular bug was fixed. It was related to a bug I'd worked on 3 years ago, but I'd forgotten too much about the video analyzer to know how to set up the test. And then boss said to move on to the next release and I started verifying some bug fixes on that.  More tomorrow.

Lunch was at a sushi place I have been meaning to try. No aircon, and it was 88° out, which was uncomfortable, but very good nigiri & California rolls, and great service. One youg woman came in to order take-out dressed in short shorts and a leotard top. She looked delicious too.

Three or four of my facebook friends posted an event tonight at the San Jose Improv - a lineup of stand-up comics - so I went online and bought a ticket, expecting at least a couple of them to show up. Nope. Just me. There were about 50 others in the audience, one a group from the local Jamba Juice.

I was going to do a comic-by-comic review, but it's late and they were not worth boosting. The improv has wiped the night from their calendar already, and so has Facebook, so I don't know who I saw except:

- Redheaded male host with a mostly lame monologue about having lost about 40 lbs. with diet
- Whiny short woman with way too high pitched a voice and no presentation skills who had some new twists on those tepid relationship jokes.
- Tall southerner man who did an amusing but low-key routine about Werner Herzog. He needs work on staying with the accent.
- Tall skinny blonde woman with no sense of comic timing and occasionally funny lines but too many vagina jokes. She held the mike tightly, by the connector, pressing on the latch which pops it free of the mike, and had no idea why the mike kept cutting out on her.
- Short dumpy local man who could be a headliner. Excellent presentation skills, gracefully recovered from the mike connector popping completely free when he took it out of the stand (thanks, blondie). Lots of funny material, I especially liked his comparing Obama to a panda. Very clever.
- Shorter, dumpier man who was the headliner, but he was all about dicks, poop and going for shock value over humor. Yes, your mike does look like a dick but as an audio guy I write off anyone who bangs the mike against his head. He spilled his beer about 5 minutes in, and shrugged it off. Awkward, no improv skills. I don't think I laughed out loud once during his bit.

Parked at the 4th street garage, I decided to have dinner at Flames which is at its base. LOUD place when I walked in, but became bearable when they stopped pumping in white noise from the DJ in the back "party" room. Seated on the aisle to the restrooms, many women in their sexiest outfits walking by. One trio had something going back there, they made the round trip, cell phones out, at least 5 times.

Home by 11:30.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsal
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