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Weak End Update

Stop me before I shop again!

Went on eBay and bought a couple of star sapphires. Sad but true, I paid less for a couple of large red gems there than I did for a couple of tiny ones while I was there. The eBay store is in Chanthaburi, the place I'd bought all those sapphires. But some good news is a diffusion star similar to one which had cost me about $20 there went for $100 on eBay. So maybe I'll be able to sell some. That's a project for next week. The gem stores have some really fine photography going on, I need to find out how they do it. Looks like they shoot the photo from the side while lighting it from above. I tried to do that today, but couldn't figure out how to get the right angle.

Saturday afternoon I picked up the package from TigerDirect - CPU, motherboard and video card. Had to make a Fry's run to get a cooling fan for the CPU, then came home and put everything together in the new case which has been on the computer room floor for the past two weeks. Also installed the 400GB hard drive from Monarch. The power supply and fans which came with the case need to be replaced - the P/S doesn't have enough connectors, and doesn't have any SATA power connectors, and the fans don't have the third wire needed for the motherboard to control and report their speed.

Got started cropping and massaging the photos of my Thai hills tribes embroidery. Watched the Seahawks beat the Redskins, and was surprised that the rain was a factor - I thought Seattle's new stadium has a roof. Turns out the roof only closes enough to shelter the fans, not the field. Stooooopid. Even stupider because the baseball stadium next door does have a roof which closes all the way.

Went to my favorite legit massage place and got an hour's worth of kneading. Got my kneads met, I guess. The masseuse used her elbows like rolling pins a lot, which made me think of some brilliant pun, but I have forgotten what it was. Something about a steamroller, which is what it felt like.

Sunday early morning I was up with low blood sugar, had a glass of apple juice and a couple of pieces of 82% chocolate, and when I woke up for real at about 9, I was only up to 114. That bittersweet chocolate doesn't have much sugar.

Went to Fry's, picked up up a P/S and three fans, then went to Home Depot and then Orchard Supply in search of a patio umbrella. They don't carry them out of season, so I picked up a tarp and some heavy-duty Velcro, planning to attach the tarp to the dining canopy out on the patio, and hook that somehow to the patio wall to shelter the place the cats like to hang out. When I got home and took a look at the tarp-canopy idea, it looked like I would be better off just taking down the canopy and doing something with the tarp. So I did. Canopy down and stored away, I took the flower pots off the wall, placed the doubled-up tarp under them, and stapled a corner of the tarp to the wall, and velcroed the other corner to the leg of a rack, so now the cats have a little lean-to to keep the rain off of the spot where they like to peek out at the world through the chicken wire. We'll see how well it works next time it rains.

Upstairs, installed the new P/S and two of the fans. I'll have to take the third fan back - I need a smaller one to replace the fan in the side of the case. I thought all three were the same size. No biggie, it only take 5 minutes to replace a fan. Put the case together and set it aside for later in the week when the RAM is due to arrive.

Watched the Panthers beat the Bears while I finished cropping and arranging the Thai embroidery photos. Panthers play Seattle next week. Also caught some of the Steelers/Colts game, mostly listened to it on my way between stores.

Not much new on LJ - looks like most of my FList do their journaling at work.

Monday is a work day for me. Ho hum.

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