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Seriously sleep deprived yesterday from being up too early for movers' estimators, and staying up late. Dragged through the day, no time for a nap after work but I did lie down for half an hour. Almost did not drag myself to band rehearsals, but playing music always perks me up. Home again, heated up some clam chowder for dinner, gave the cats their treats and went to bed.  Turns out I was unusually productive at work.

Today was much better. Crashed my test machine while running a test which said they fixed the problem of "if you do x y and z, the machine will crash". The program manager and I had a chat, and we talked to the programmer, and he came over to my desk to see what I had done to make it happen. Good stuff, it's why I like the place.

It's Friday, so a bunch of us climbed into the brand new SUV of the guy in the next cube from me. Seated 7 comfortably with room for one more. 19 mpg. We went to a new nearby Greek place. Good salads, good meat, overcooked veggies, so-so rice. $12 for lamb shank special seemed reasonable. Most items are $10-$11. About 2 blocks from Fry's.

Got home a little earlier than expected, taking Central Expressway and Middlefield home is faster than the freeway, and less crazy. Had two bills to pay to get the medical center and hospital off my back until I can write the nastygrams which need to go to both the insurance company and their CFOs. Better to not have anything bad on my credit rating from them not knowing that Los Angeles in not in Georgia.

Also needed to print out, sign 4 times, initial 7 times, scan back in and email my moving company order. Decisions. Their schedule of insurance rates is truly strange. $500 deductible costs a mere $70. $250 deductible is $135. $0 deductible is $422. I chose door #2. The only things they could break which would cost more than $250 to fix are the piano and mattresses. $422 would be more than the risk is worth, I think.

That done it was off to Palo Alto, a nice neighborhood not too far from me, with my old beater baritone horn, which a 10-year-old girl was wanting to play. I'd mentioned at band I was looking for a good home for it, and one of the tuba players saw on her neighborhood web site someone was looking for one. The girl was overjoyed, she said it was in better shape than the ones at the school (which they don't have any for her to play). She has had two lessons at school, but it's a class of 30 kids, and her mom said they are learning way too slowly. But the girl was able to get notes out, and just needs a good teacher. Mom is looking into private lessons, which is a good idea. The horn weighs as much as the girl does, but she knows how to hold it sitting down, which is a start.

Journal  interrupted by a major thunderstorm, which I went onto the balcony to watch. Mostly cloud-to-cloud, but a couple of huge ground strikes, one looked like it hit Google HQ. It looked to be way in the distance, thunder mostly wasn't reaching me. But then it started dripping, so I put the covers on the litterboxes and came inside. Now it is POURING. The lightning has stopped, though. Huge raindrops, clouds must be at 15,000 feet. I'd have expected hail, but nope, just wetness.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, win-win. The girl has a non-traditional instrument she is totally jazzed about, Mom got it for a really good price, Dad used to play trumpet so he can help with valve oiling and maybe even some starter teaching. And I have one less big item to move and find a place for in the new apartment.

email from my Baltimore sister & brother-in-law that their apartment was not only flooded, but they were given till Monday to move out, along with 23 other units. Property managers found them a home at another of their locations. Their son is getting married next month, I'll see it then.
Plans for tomorrow:
Boss' daughter's birthday party (a chance to take pictures and speak Thai)
Laundry tomorrow or Sunday
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