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All 10 Fingers

Went for a manicure, found my nails person doing someone's hair. She said to come back in an hour, so I went to the coffee shop a few doors down, got an almond croissant and iced tea, and powered up the netbook. About half an hour later she waved to me and said she was ready. For the first time in a couple of months the fingernail I had smashed in the car trunk lid was strong enough to take the acrylic coating, so I'm back to having all 10 fingers done. It still needed a snippet of press-on nail to make it extend past my finger, but you can't tell unless you look real closely.

Home, watched some of the Cal-Colorado game. Colorado looked like the better offense by far, but their defense kept making stupid costly penalties at key times. When I turned it off at 2, the game was too close to call.

Left a little after 2 to go to boss' daughter's 5th birthday party. I had gone to #3, I think I missed last year. This is the boss I had kept in touch with after the layoff, and I re-connected with many old friends and made some new ones. One woman said she thought I was handsome, and she liked that I spoke "polite" Thai, and asked if I was looking for a Thai wife. I said sure, my only concern was the woman she had in mind is less than half my age. "No problem" she said. Maybe I'll get a date. I didn't get a chance to give her my card, but she can find me through the hostess.

Boss' daughter has grown a little since I last saw her, but I've seen her at temple festivals fairly recently.

The kitchen was way hot, there were things cooking on all burners, food on the table was being warmed with sterno, and there were also a couple of crock pots going. Home-cooked Thai food, a lot of it was stuff I had learned how to make in Thai cooking class this year. All delicious.

They had rented a huge inflatable jumping castle with slide for the kids - which got busy around 5 when child level reached critical mass.

I stayed till 6, after cake was cut and presents were torn open. The birthday girl dug into the gift wrap, not paying any attention to cards and such. Her friends were happy to help her open the packages.

Most of my team from work was there with wives and kids. I'd met most of the wives before, but some of the kids were too young or not born yet 2 years ago. New Guy's wife looked very familiar, and toward the end of the party I figured out she looked like a tall lady_leandra.

Pictures will be up on Flickr soon.

In other news, the cats have once again dumped 2.5 weeks of production into the litterboxes in one week. Pumpkin peed on the door mat while I was re-arranging the aquarium (took everything out, the first step in counting how many fish are in there, so I can ask local aquarium stores if they would like to have them). I think I need to schedule a vet's appointment for him.

Speaking of appointments, my Kaiser card was in the mail today, so I made an appointment to see my doctor Tuesday. Need to update my prescriptions before I run out. I hope the insulin pens are covered. It will be soooooo nice not to hassle with deductibles and 3rd party prescription billing.

Also in the mail, a month after they needed to send it, was an explanation of why Blue Cross changed their mind about $350 of coverage they approved when I had the angiogram. Apparently I had exceeded my yearly maximum. Kaiser doesn't have one of those.

Plans for tomorrow:
Best Buck in the Bay gay rodeo, take lots of pictures
Coffee with Janice, who is recently back from a tour of SE Asia.
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