Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Laundry Tuesday, I guess

Instead of laundry day, it was rodeo and social day. Got up early to get to the rodeo by 10, was up so early that I took care of the litterboxes and made a dumpster run first. Made the mistake of following the GPS directions - they went the long way around, and when I saw the turnoff, GPS said I was still 1.4 miles away. In the background I'm procession the photos from that, and my camera's GPS tagged the first half dozen shots several hundred miles away, but got it right after a while. I've been having problems with the cable going from the camera to the GPS. Time to order a new one.

The rodeo was the annual Best Buck in the Bay gay rodeo. I like it a lot because it's an amateur rodeo, relaxed, with some fun events you won't see at any other kind of rodeo, and they have all the events of a professional rodeo, though this time there was no bronc riding. Odd, because there were two classes of bull riding. It's a great way to check out my camera's high speed settings, and new lenses. People are friendly, they welcome gays and straights and anyone in between, so I feel comfortable there. Well, except when I see couples engaging in PDAs whom I look at and think "WTF - those two are a couple?" which is pretty much the same thing I do at straight events.

This time a lot of the better competitors were from Southern California, which annoyed me somewhat because it probably makes less experienced locals not want to compete. There were some gorgeous horses there, mostly from SoCal. Something I did like was three or four of the horses were new to rodeo, and their riders were in the competitions just to give the horse a chance to work in front of an audience. Most of those did poorly as far as competing goes, but super as far as first time out goes. None of them fell or injured their riders, which is a Good Thing.

I took about 1500 photos, I expect maybe 300 will be flickr-able.

The rodeo ended just in time for me to drive back down the hill and meet a friend in Mountain View who had just returned from touring Thailand, Vietnam,. Cambodia and Laos. She was happy to be back where it was not way too hot and humid, but she had a great time with lots of good adventures. And some not so good, like the 24-hour delay getting home.

Home, could not find Sunday Night Football on TV. Bummer. I see on Comcast it was on 703, but I thought I had looked there and seen something else listed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Laundry (?)
Probably no BASFA.

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