Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Step 3 Completed, Rodeo Pix online tonight, I think

Rodeo was Sunday. Step 1 was to download 1500 pics from the camera to the PC. They were shot in RAW format, so step 2 was converting them to JPEG. That took overnight.

Last night was laundry & MNF, but after those I finished step 3, which was to create and populate separate folders for each event. Two reasons for this: 1) the picture viewer app locks up with too many thumbnails in one folder and 2) it's easier for me to identify the best photos when they are in a group of similar photos.

Tonight will be steps 4-6, plucking out the best, doing whatever minor editing they need, and uploading them to Flickr.

And I will probably do step -1. I shot my first rodeo in 1973 while working as desk editor and backup darkroom tech and photographer for The Daily Astorian (formerly The Budget) in Astoria, Oregon. It was the Gearhart Rodeo. I took one spectacular bronc riding photo which I think landed on the front page, which is in my string book. I may also have the negatives. So step "minus 1" would be to digitize that photo, and any other good ones if I find the negatives, and post them online as well.

Looking online, it appears the Gearhart rodeo is no more. A pity, it was a friendly little event. There may be a photo in my scrapbook of me jumping over the fence out of the arena just ahead of a charging bull. The crew said he was a lot closer than I thought.

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