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Until Sleep Deprivation Makes Me Face-Plant

Tonight was going to be the night to go to bed early, but Lyric Theater decided to hold a G&S sing-along, so I went. It started out well, and I learned some pretty tunes I had not known before. But thing kind of fell apart a bit as a small group decided they needed to socialize right next to the singing (there's a green room upstairs for that) and some guy with a clear strong voice who knows all the lyics to all the songs ever written by G&S, as well as all the sound effects, planted himself in the seat behind mine and made like a soloist for every melody line in every song. And then one of the pianists went into warp speed on some patter songs. Yes, on stage they are sung quickly, but not that quickly, and for a group who are mostly sight reading it did not work.

I stayed till 10, then bailed. The event notice said it would end by then anyway.

So tonight I'll sleep when I get around to it and wake up tomorrow likewise.

Thursday I saw my Kaiser HMO doctor in the morning, 10:30 appointment, but she was running half an hour late, and I made it later because we needed to catch up on a year and a half of very eventful medical doings, and get my meds set up in the latest configuration with some changes to account for Kaiser's smaller formulary.

Got a lot done at work. The other new guy and I discovered we had worked on all the #1 & #2 severity fixed bugs which  we had the equipment to do, so boss said to add #3s.  That will take a few more days.

Ye Olde Towne Band practice was much fun, we played a couple of pieces up to speed which had very challenging clarinet parts. Sounded like a swarm of bees. In a good way. One of those is called the Trisch-Trasch Polka, and we were wondering which was the Traschy part.

Backing out of my parking spot I backed into the car behind me, but only a little and maybe at 2 mph. No damage to cars or people, but embarrassing because it was the car of one of the other baritone players, and she was in it at the time.

On the way there I bought new windshield wipers, which I should have done two weeks ago when the washer fluid started streaking. Stopped in at Petco to buy some litterbox refills, but they raised the price by $5 each (I need four of them) which is 30% hike. Walked out without them.

Today work was a continuation of yesterday, but most of the bugs were cosmetic GUI things.

Lunchtime was taken up going to Kaiser's main branch (which is closer to work than my home one) to pick up meds. 10 items, $110. Two were free - test strips and lancets. 3-month supplies of everything, too. Blue Cross would have charged about $500 for the lot and Palo Alto Medical may have sent it to the wrong pharmacy.

After that I punched Petsmart into the GPS and it showed me a place in Sunnyvale, but I thought I knew a closer one to work in the opposite direction, so I went there instead. And it was a Petco. FAIL.

After work I had time to try out a place called Thaibodia which unseelie23 and his SO had said good things about on FB. I had gone there once before for lunch but it was closed. This time it was open. Dark wood decor, good ventillation (unlike most Thai places in the area). The staff was speaking either Isan or Cambodian, so I did not break out my Thai. All the menu items were in English except the Cambodian ones, which were transliterated. I ordered Thai Iced Tea, and a Thai dish which was marked as the house specialty, Hor Mok. Never heard of it, but it comes in fish or seafood, so I ordered the seafood. Just looked it up, and though everyone seems to spell it the same way,  it really should be spelled Haw Moke (ห่อหมก) Rhymes with "saw coke". I also ordered one of the Cambodian entrees to go, but she said they were out of Cambodian food. Something about the powder they use. And steamed white rice. Why they offer ugly brown rice is a huge WTF.

Major authenticity points for no knife or chopsticks, half a point taken away for no spoon to go with the fork. I used the one which came with the rice.

Tea arrived in a minute. Not quite right, they put a bit of pepper in it, I think. But close enough. Rice and ห่อหมก were not far behind.  The entree was a ball of aluminum foil, about the size of a softball, scored on top with a small X and peeled back just enough to show there was stuff inside. The stuff included pieces of fish, squid, a couple of shrimp and mussels on the half-shell. They were in a medium which was something like the consistency of turkey stuffing, a similar color but perhaps trending more toward yellow. It was a curry mixed with a filler, and it tasted like Thai yellow curry, which it probably was. The seafood was perfection. Dessert was some of the finest mango and sticky rice I've had locally.

I had arrived at about 6:15, and as things got busier service slowed considerably. It took 5 minutes each to flag down a waitress for dessert and to get my bill. Paid cash so I would not have to wait for the credit card dance. I was now late for the G&S sing-along.

I'll go there again, for sure. It's also a good place for a small group (6 people would be optimum).

Plans for tomorrow:
Petsmart for litterbox refills
Pet Club, ask about giving them my fish
Los Altos History Museum train days
something else I am forgetting at the moment.
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