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Disjointed Day

Was planning on getting litterbox refills first, but got caught up reviewing some photos on the PC which needed to be sorted about a month ago. It was noon before I was dressed and medicated, and that meant going to the train show at Los Altos History Museum if I was going to get there while the action was still happening. It's also on tomorrow, but probably less crowded today.

So I grabbed my camera, but then remembered my after-museum project needed to be done first - go through my closet and pull all the suits and sportscoats which I have outgrown and take them to Goodwill. Also found a Soviet Era Polish (?) army uniform into which I no longer fit. Those were put into the car trunk for Goodwill. But I had to go back and grab the glasses and mason jars which have been waiting to go there forever. Like 3 years. And the envelope with my PAMF medical records for my Kaiser doctor.

Finally got on the road and to LAHM, found a good parking spot, and took the envelope in search of a mailbox, which I thought was in front of the library 50 feet away, but was actually two blocks away on the other side of the soccer field, on the next street over.

The train show is an annual event, and they really have it nailed down now. Great fun for kids (like me) with five large displays by model railroad clubs, and one educational booth sponsored by one of the local train safety groups. The latter had handouts, pencils, pins and other goodies. Very happy to see them there - suicides by oncoming train has been a severe problem around here, as well as drivers using RR crossings as their application for the Darwin Awards.

Took a ton of photos, there were more than the usual number of beautifully done cars and engines in the steam display. Photos on flickr soon.

From there to Goodwill, then Pet Club where they had the litterbox refills at their usual price of $16 (PetCo wants $23, PetSmart no longer sells the ones with the litter compartment). Home, carted those upstairs and did the chore. Sat on the balcony for a while, and both cats joined me (Domino managed to sit on my lap for a while) but the hummingbirds were few and far between.

I should have made lunch but it was about 4 pm, so I figured I could wait. Made a bowl of instant oatmeal to assuage the insulin.

Next was a trip to the Men's Wearhouse, which has been pummeling the TV and radio with ads for low-priced suits. I need a suit for my nephew's wedding at the end of next month, you see. The nice man measured me, then had me try on a jacket which was three sizes too small. Then two sizes, then one size - which he pronounced a perfect fit. Yeah, as long as I didn't have to sit down. And if my arms were 2" longer. He did notice that last bit.

I said I was looking for something in a blue which was light enough to tell from a distance that it was not black, but he had nothing like that. "How about a charcoal grey?" No. "Tan?". No. What part of "blue" did he not understand? I said I was in no rush, was there something he could order? In a pinch, I said, an off-white like a plantation suit would do. He came back with something in beige. For $500. No thanks. Total FAIL, Men's Wearhouse. Probably will hunt for something at Burlington Coat Factory, which has been good for me in the past.

On the way back, stopped at my favorite produce stand and got a great deal on apples, bananas, some ginormous peaches and a wedge of Port Salud. And since they were 6/$1 a half dozen scrawny limes.

Home, was starting to go into an insulin reaction, took my blood sugar reading and it was not too bad - 86 - but that would have been up from half an hour before when I first started feeling it. Made dinner, which helped, but low blood sugar really takes it out of me, so I went upstairs and took a nap. That one hour was so good I took another. I almost went back to bed for the night, but had stuff to do.

One of the stuffs to do was checking Facebook, where this was waiting for me: http://youtu.be/Q7iksdTo00M

Shana is the daughter of my cousin Brian, and she had just been married and was running an acting school for children in Brighton when she was diagnosed with MS. She had to give up the school, her husband left her, and she has since been campaigning for better wheelchair/scooter access to businesses and more intelligent rules for the National Health in assessing employability of victims of MS and other diseases which have fluctuating symptoms. She has spoken at both British and Euro Parliaments,  and this is her pitch to yesterday's Liberal Democrats' conference. It was a 5-hour trip to get there by train, since not all stations are accessible. I cannot say how very proud of her I am.

I'd be interested in comments from my UK friends, especially zanda_myrande

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch with a friend (she invited me to dinner tonight but I was still scrambling around)
Maybe coffee with Janice, if she's in town
Attack my collections of shoes. One is in the closet, another is by the front door.
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