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Free Lunch

One of my old theater acquaintances who found me on Facebook a year or so ago invited a bunch of people for diner last night, but got no takers. She asked if I could come over for lunch today, so I did. She's house sitting in a secluded gated community a few blocks from the band concerts, but it is so well hidden I had no idea before it was there. While I was waiting for her to come out and open the gate, an elderly woman driving a Prius pulled up, trying hard not to run me over. Turns out it was friend's mother, who was also coming to lunch.  None of the 4 others who said they might did so, but it was a lovely lunch, cold zucchini soup which looked vile but was delicious, garlic noodles (she uses those thick round Mongolian/chop suey noodles, not the flat ones I use in Thai cooking), which looked delicious but tasted so-so; tri-tip was excellent, and a salad made from alternating slices of yellow tomatoes and some thinly sliced semi-soft cheese, topped with something green and leafy. Dessert was brownies from a mix, which were good.

Mom left after lunch, and we chatted till about 3:30. The house included two dogs, her own very old German Shepherd and the owners' Marmaduke-like beast. Both of them well-behaved.

After a quick stop home, I drove across the Bay to the Great Mall and hunted the Burlington Coat Factory for a suit. Found the perfect jacket right away, but the pants were not with it, and they didn't have any in my size which even came close to matching. Or so I thought at the time. After an hour of searching, half of that with one of the staff, I gave up and just bought the jacket. Hung out for a while at the food court, mostly to give my knees a rest. Thought about having dinner there, but went home instead to watch football and use up some of the stuff in the freezer.

Looked at the pants I had been wearing last week, and they were the same size as the "close-enough-color" pair of pants we found. I may go back later and get those. Meanwhile I looked online and was not able to find anything in my size from that manufacturer (Adolfo). Maybe the San Jose BCF has something? The Great Mall one is a complete mess - they really need to close for a day, pull everything off the racks and put them in the right order. I found my (R)  jacket in the (L) section, the part for jackets 4 sizes larger than mine. Fully half of the suits and jackets they had in stock were size 46R, randomly distributed in all sections of the suit department. Very strange.

Home, dinner was ha gow and home made lime-ade fizz. Finally have the hang of the syphon - the trick is to leave about 1/2" of air, and put it in the fridge for at least half an hour to let the CO2 dissolve into the water. Too soon and you get a fire-hose shooting plain water.

Pumpkin is drinking a LOT. And he peed on the rug right in front of me. No excuse for that, the litterboxes were just changed yesterday. He's lost about 3 lbs since his last vet appointment, I think he needs to have another one soon - I'm guessing he's diabetic. Don't know what I'll do if it is something serious like that. Meanwhile Domino has been a lot more affectionate lately. This morning in bed she sat down on my chest for about 5 minutes.

Got word from my cousin's wife that he had his four minutes at the LibDem conference after his daughter spoke (see my post from yesterday). Brian was an English teacher at King's College (I think the technical term is "reader") until he retired and became a local magistrate. He is also on his town council. And he sings well too. I'm waiting for the youtube video.

Plans for tomorrow:
Update the netbook
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