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Forgot all about the team meeting being at 9 am instead of 10 this week (we rotate every other week so our cohorts in Belgium can join us). We missed the last one because it was Labor Day, and this was the first time I had a chance to talk to K & E, the two guys who do the same job as me, except they do it mostly in PAL and have more direct customer contact. But for the last three weeks I've been closing some of the bugs they opened and engineering fixed, and sometimes re-opening the ones which had been marked fixed but were not.

K has been there for many years, E joined about a year before I was laid off. Good to connect with both of them verbally (we had exchanged some email before, but it's not the same).

Anyhow, somehow I was only 5 minutes late, and would have been on time if traffic had cooperated. Three people came in after me.

Busy work day, mostly checking cosmetic bugs, but one functional bug which took 90 minutes to set up but only 5 to verify.

Somewhere in there I called Murphy Ave vets, got their machine - they are closed Mondays - left a message asking for a morning appointment this week for Pumpkin. Looking at their records, I should probably bring them both in. They are due for shots next month.

After work, slogged through rush hour traffic on San Thomas up to the Burlington Coat Factory at Westgate Mall. They did not have a suit or pants to match the jacket I had paid $160 for, but they had a suit and a tux with pants that fit, the pair came in at $195. That's a win. I like the jacket I bought yesterday, but without matching pants it's not worth holding onto. I'll bring it back next weekend.

And I need to get both pairs of suit pants altered. The tux pants are about a 55-inch inseam, and are so baggy that if I tied them off at the ankles and inflated them with helium, I could probably achieve escape velocity.

After 7, the return trip on Lawrence Expressway was easy, a straight shot to BASFA in <15 minutes. Sparse but diverse group tonight, several people who rarely make it, one new-ish guy who got back from Peace Corps Ukraine less than a year ago. Chatted with him a lot, from his description PC has gone draconian as far as moonlighting and security, but maybe that's just for the eastern bloc countries.

Got lots of chuckles when I presented johnnyeponymous with a package of con ribbons which say "Saving the world, one Hugo at a time" with a little cartoon rocket ship for clip art. He seemed to get a kick out of them.

Did not tell a single pun. Mostly because the noise level was very high.

Despite about 300 auction items, we were done early.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on when the vets call
Hang out at *$s and update the netbook. I haven't had it on in more than a week.
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