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A termite walks into a Starbucks and asks...

...is the barista tender here?

Finally an evening free to park at the Mercado Starbucks, slurp up their AC and A/C and wifi to update the netbook.

Pumpkin is not doing well. The trip to the vet showed he is seriously dehydrated (they injected him with a lump of subcutaneous fluids before we left), he has lost 3 lbs in 5 months without a change in diet or exercise and he's been lethargic, which the vet tech mistook for him being well-behaved. The last time I was at this vet, Pumpkin went around the room opening all the floor-level cabinets, this time he mostly stayed inside his carrier, and even after we removed the top, he stayed on the faux sheepskin rug inside its tray.

They did an almost full work-up on him, lab results will be called in to me tomorrow. It would have been a full work-up except for the irony of  him urinating while they tried to take a urine sample. They caught his pee in a non-sterile pan instead of in the sterile culture dish. But they said it would be good for the rest of the urine tests.  His BP was normal, but it took 15 minutes to find his pulse, and about a dozen tries to get a stable reading with the cuff. They said his blood draw was also a challenge because his blood is so thick from dehydration.

More irony - he still needs to lose 4 lbs, "but not this way" the tech said.

It was a slightly larger cashectomy than I had hoped for, but still reasonable. I picked up a pet insurance brochure, maybe that will help. Both cats need dental cleanings, which are about $300 each, I think.

The vet went to school with farmount, who has started posting on FB again, but I didn't know the answer to which clinic she is working at.

The exam took longer than expected. Needed to go home and drop off Pumpkin (he headed straight for the water fountain, limping), pick up my snack box (sliced peaches & apples) and get to work. Got there just before 10. At noon we had a company picnic at a nearby park. Munchies consisted of salsa an home made tortilla chips. I passed on that. There was a good choice of soft drinks and a cash bar which only one of my co-workers took advantage of. It was in Santa Clara's Central Park, which is huge, but the tables and seats are set into the concrete, and spaced far enough apart to keep conversations to the one table you're sitting at. Most of my team sat together, which kind of defeated the purpose of having all the five or so acquired companies represented. Food was okay. Prime rib slices, roast chicken legs & thighs, three kinds of sausage. Corn on the cob, two kinds of salad, watermelon, garlic bread. Assorted ice cream for dessert which came from the same vendor which stocks our frozen foods machine, so nothing outstanding.

After food they called us all together to sit on the steps and see the trophies for ping pong tournament winners handed out. Then there was a raffle, the prizes being a pretty decent selection of MotoMob products. Two of those went to ping pong trophy winners.

They blew the golden opportunity for a group photo by sending everyone who want to out to the playing fields for dodgeball, baseball and volleyball. I had a test running at the office which I wanted to get back to and had promised a ride back to one of my team members, and we both decided that playing games in 96 degree heat with no shade handy was not as appealing as watching for video artifacts in our air conditioned cubicles. Kind of funny, my rider is from Kota Baru, Malaysia, which is just across the Thai border from Haad Yai where I used to live, and I happened to have Thai pop music on the car stereo. She got a kick out of that.

My test and associated documentation took till about 5:30, and it was the last bug fix on our list, so I was able to bail a little early. Most of the team went home after the picnic, so no foul there.

I had not brought my camera, which is another reason I was not staying for the games, but my boss brought his, as did the official photographer for our slice of MotoMob. I know they both took shots of me, which will probably be on Flickr soon enough. Or maybe just on the Moto photo blog.

In other news, the model rocket launch which I was looking forward to on Saturday has been canceled because Obama is flying into NASA Ames (where we hold the event). Boo, hiss.

But that means I can take the pants in for alterations Saturday. And pull all the shoes out of the closet which I never wear. Yesterday I wore a pair of cowboy boots I bought years ago, but only wore once. After I bought them I was on the exercise bike a lot, and my calves bulked up too big to fit in the boots. They fit fine now, and are pretty comfortable, so I'll keep them.

In the next day or three I should be receiving a pair of New Balance shoes to replace the worn out ones I've been wearing. That will free up a bunch of shoes to go to Goodwill or the dumpster.

Got email from PG&E, they are all set to switch over my service when I move. Which reminds me I need to call Comcast. Been putting it off till it was closer to the move date, which it now is.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pumpkin lab results, and whatever needs to happen as a result
YOTB rehearsals (our last until next May)

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