Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Like person, like cat

The vet called, Pumpkin is diabetic. Plan A is to ditch the cats' two towers of dry food, and start feeding them canned food. Low carb, high protein, contains some water to help the dehydration. She said the diet should also work for Domino, but I may park some dry food near her cat tree hideout, the one Pumpkin can't climb up to.

She emailed a link to  a web site which had a spreadsheet with lots of canned foods and their carb/protein/fiber/calorie ratings. I needed to spend an hour massaging it, because it had been done piecemeal and was not set up for sorting. Now I have it sorted four different ways, and the bottom line is, if th data is correct, Sophisticat wins with several non-carb offerings. Trader Joe's and Walmart each have one item on the list which outdoes Sophisticat in protein:carbs ratio.

Work was a lot of document reading, and finally running one test. More tomorrow.

YOTB practice was painful - we ran through the whole concert, and way too many of the pieces are at the top of the baritone range. Ouch.

No plans for tomorrow except work, and maybe buy some cat food. Lots of plans for Saturday.
Tags: cats

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