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Lots Done

Got all my stuff done today with one item delayed and one I'll get to later. First thing was to bring two pairs of pants to be hemmed, and if needed taken in. There's a cleaner's around the corner which does alterations, they even have a fitting room, and the nice lady had me try on each pair and pinned them. She measured the width on the tux pants and said they are about an inch wider than average, but well within spec, no need to take them in.

Next stop was the nails place, I timed it just right and got my fave manicurist right away. Told her I would miss my next appointment in 2 weeks because I'll be moving. One more week and I'll start packing. After the manicure I hung out at the coffee shop a few doors down - I like their iced tea and love the chocolate-dipped chocolate croissants.

Across the bay to the Great Mall, returned the suit jacket for which there are no matching pants. Minor confusion because apparently they had charged me for the full suit, and the computer wanted to see the tag for the pants. Some more investigation showed they had only charged me for the jacket, but since there was also supposed to be a pair of pants, it gave the cashier the option to add the tag for that to the refund. An easy $180 which probably cost $5 in gas. Since it was lunchtime, I walked around the mall for exercise and eye candy and had lunch in the food court. The Japanese food stand, which is next to the Chinese food stand, is now serving Chinese food and the workers are wearing Mr. Chu uniforms. Had Chinese because the Italian place was out of meatballs.

Stopped at Safeway near the apartment to get some wings for tomorrow's potluck. After a lot of not understanding that all I wanted was wings, the young man behind the counter said "oh, we can sell you 20 wings for $8" so I ordered 20 each of two kinds. So much for that task.

Back home, watched the last half of the Cal-UW game, which was a total nail-biter. Cleanly played (I think only about 6 penalties per side) and lots of very hard hits (three or four game-stopping injuries, including one ambulance-on-the-astroturf event). UW almost blew an 8-point lead in the last 5 minutes, but Cal's QB wasn't able to complete passes from the 5-yard line on 3rd & 4th downs. The highly annoying announcers credited the defense with the win, but truth is the UW offense which scored all the points, and it was Cal's offense which lost the game, without much interference from the UW defense on that last drive.

Most of the game Pumpkin was curled up on my lap. :-)

During breaks and time outs I collected all the shoes I don't wear and filled two garbage bags.

After the game I fired up the PC and signed up for an online class, and was planning on buying tickets to see 42nd Street at the theater formerly known as Saratoga Drama Group, but (a) tickets are $30 a pop and (b) they only had a handful of seats left, none of them good ones. Looked at next Saturday, and saw about the same thing. There were a couple of good seats, but I can't see paying that much for community theater. Especially community theater using a small city council chamber auditorium and is going to be sold out anyway.

Also updated my travel "notebook" which I keep on my PC and my phone, to include my flights and hotel info for my nephew's wedding in a month. Looking at the hotel, discovered it does not have a free airport shuttle despite being a mile from the airport. So I reserved a rental car. Taxi fare is more than a rental.

Filled the hummingbird feeder, which I noticed was almost empty when i checked on the litterboxes, which look like they can go another week before needing to be changed.

Which reminds me, the experiment of putting Domino's food dish up on the cat tree landing was a FAIL. She knocked it off last night before it was quite empty, and wouldn't go back up there by herself when I refilled it. So it is now on the floor on the other side of the cat tree from Pumpkin's, which is where the second dry food tower had been. Bottom line is both cats have access to both food dishes, so I won't know who eats how much. But judging from the first two days, they both walk away when they are full, and return when they are hungry again, so I think I will trust their instincts.

 I took the shoes to a donation box under Whole Foods, and from there went to Starbucks, where I am now. Home soon, dinner will be what I bought yesterday, since it is cool enough to turn on the oven. The thing I put off doing was flushing down the fish and throwing out the aquariums. Before I started writing this I went on Craig's List and advertised free fish. There are not many (11 total). If the person who takes the fish wants the whole setup, fine. But I don't think that very likely.

The thing I forgot to do was plug my new address into the business card template.

Plans for tomorrow:
Concert at 1:30 (be there by 1)
End of the season band potluck party after
Maybe meet Janice for coffee after the party. She will be bringing twins to the concert she sometimes takes care of, so maybe not.
Maybe take the first class in the online course.

Well how about that, someone just called to claim the fish. Yay!
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