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A Day of Closure

Two major milestones today. First was the final concert of the year for Ye Olde Towne Band, with the accompanying after-party. It's a potluck, and this time we had leftover main courses, but salads and desserts were in short supply. Usually it is the other way around. The other milestone was making the apartment aquarium-free. A nice middle-aged couple came over to claim all the fish, which took a huge weight off my conscience, and then I drained the tanks, unplugged everything and hauled the whole kit and kaboodle out to the dumpster area. Maybe someone will want the stand. An unexpected bonus closure is when I went out to the dumpster,  90% of the mess PG&E had made was gone. If they are really done, it will be all gone tomorrow, and good riddance. But the pipes which have been stressed to 1,000 times their load-bearing specifications remain, 20 feet from the nearest apartment units, and each apartment has a gas furnace, so the sooner I am out of there the safer I will feel.

Lost Altos did a world class WTF today - it took me half an hour to go the length of the town en route to the concert because they applied asphalt to the right lane on both sides of the main street, and blocked off all the side street access (because with all traffic in the left lane, it would have to cross the wet asphalt to get to the alternate routes). Glad I left for the concert way early to get my potluck items in the fridge.

One more closure item to take care of, which I need to get a dolly for - haul the old exercycle out to the dumpster. I would donate it, but it won't fit in the car, and it has some cosmetic rust which I don't have the wherewithal to clean up. There are some other items to go to Goodwill, but none of them are major milestones.

One of the side effects of de-tanking the livingroom is I was able to put the big speakers in their original locations, which improved the sound from the A/V box significantly. I also moved things around to put the center surround speaker in the center, in the audio stand under the TV, which is also an improvement. All this will be even further enhanced, I hope, when I get into the new place and can put the entertainment center against a wall instead of 5' from the glass patio doors. It all depends on where the piano fits. Tonight I think I'll go online and look at the floor plan again.
Pumpkin is being finicky about the new food. And he took a huge pee on the lambskin rug and tore it up a bit trying to bury the evidence (the way cats normally do in the litterbox). Argh.

Watched Sunday Night Football. I like how their announcers call the game without talking about unrelated games and gossip, and explain why they think a call was made rather than giving advice to the coaches and players and trying to call the plays themselves. And their camera crew and director rarely mess up, which is tough to do in a live game situation.

Which reminds me, yesterday's Oregon game in Arizona provided a cute little WTF. The Oregon cheerleaders all had deep tans. The Arizona cheerleaders looked pale.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (team meeting at 10)
Hello dolly? OSH probably.
Monday Night Football
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