Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I'm sitting in a tavern, and see someone I know at a table, doing her homework. She should be in class (the tavern is also a school). I ask her why she isn't in class, and she angrily tells me that the rat bastard behind the bar tried to charge her some extra fee, and she refused. I ask her how much and she names a figure less than a dollar.

I go up to the bar, which is just a counter like you might have in a deli, and I tell the scruffy man behind it that I'm paying what Sushmi owes. Students usually pay their fees in nickels, but on the counter top (it is a wooden slat table top, actually) there are about 30 foreign coins, probably fake, of many denominations, spread out. I find four quarters in my pocket and slam them down on the counter, but instead of all coming down in a set they scatter among the foreign coins. I mumble to the rat bastard "there's four quarters" and he gives me change.

I turn to tell Sushmi, and I see she is not at her table, but some of her stuff is, and there's a name tag which says "Sushmi" on the first line and "In class" on the second.
Tags: dreams weirdness

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