Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More Millstones...er...Milestones

Surgical strike shopping after a routine day of work:
Radio shack for a replacement piece - connectors which broke on one of my stereo speakers.
Orchard Supply for a furniture dolly
Lucky's for β carotene, dental floss, cat food and bananas. And more emergency ice cream**

Home in time for the last quarter of MNF, an extremely sloppy game which neither team deserved to win, and almost didn't. After the game I put the exercycle on the dolly and wheeled it out to the dumpster area. PG&E still has porta-potties where we usually park stuff we're giving away, so that spot has shifted to in front of the cardboard recycle dumpster. It was a lot of work - the dolly is not built for broken pavement, and rough concrete. Once I got onto level asphalt it was fine, but that was the last 1/4 of the trip.

That done, I was able to move the coffee table back to where it had been, push the recliner back to a more comfortable distance from the TV, and do a bunch of table top cleanup and re-organizing. Also threw out a bunch of remote controls which were in the coffee table drawer and I'd forgotten to tape to what they belonged to when I took those items to Goodwill.

So, the livingroom is now completely move-ready. Mostly.

Enough accomplished to justify missing BASFA for.

**Lucky's has a new brand of ice cream called The Herd. It is tricked out to look like Ben & Jerry's. Similar fonts & art work, similar humorous names. They have put it on the shelves above B&J's, and priced it $3 less per pint ($1.89 vs $4.89). I felt obliged to support their pirate marketing spirit.

Now I'm down to the little pre-move things, including Goodwilling all the electronic devices I have too many of, and there's another dumpster run to ditch a pair of large plant pots, their associated potting soil and a big bag 'o' bird seed which the birds have ignored for 4 years. There is a cat hive out on the balcony which will go, but Domino uses it to climb up to the railing, so it will stay till the last day.

Plans for tomorrow:
Small move items
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