Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's a wash

This morning's thrill was a little piece broke off of the bathroom body wash dispenser as I was filling it. And also found I did not have enough soap to fill it. The piece is no critical, it's simply the difference between a push button which stays on when I open the dispenser to refill it, or if the button falls off. With the thing closed, it's fine.

Work was tough. Difficult tests, found two bugs. The process of double checking and documenting the bugs in two places takes longer than the test did, so that's maybe four tests I did not have time to get to.

Lunch was at the bad Korean buffet. They make really good beef ribs, and super egg drop soup, but everything else is borderline.

After work I punched up Target on the GPS and it did not show me the one on Mathilda in Sunnyvale, which is the biggest one in the county. So I drove there by my own navigating, and was reminded that the whole shopping center has been replaced with a megaplex. Movie theater, and both Macy's and Target have huge buildings and big parking garages. Bought body wash, and walked around the place being amazed at how few shoppers were there.

Home, did some stuff online (ordered replacement parts for the dispenser) and tried on the tennis shoes which arrived from New Balance a week later than expected. Dinner was Malaysian Roti and Penaeng sausage. The recipe is for meatballs, but I didn't want to defrost anything so I went with slicing up the turkey sausage which was in the fridge. It tasted okay, but had too much filler.

Cats yelled at me, I saw their food dishes were emptied so I filled them. They took some token nibbles and joined me in the livingroom as I watched the last out of the Giants' game. Turns out they were yelling at me for their treats, which I gave them. Had to wake up Domino for hers. Usually the sound of squirting whipped cream makes her run to the treats dish.

Did not break down the A/V tower in the computer room, maybe tomorrow.

Found one photo for the 2012 calendar. Maybe will dig for more tonight.

No real plans for tomorrow.

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