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Another Hump

It begins with an "S". No, "leapfrog" does not begin with an "S" but it is in the same general category. "Sprint", same genre of sport but no. Steeplechase? Wrong species. Not slalom either. It was on the tip of my mind when I started this post, but the word is ducking every time I reach for it. It scoots away, shoving a different, similar word in my direction. This has been happening to me regularly. A word I use and hear a lot just refuses to line up onto the pathway from my brain to my tongue. Worse, it hides from me. It's that sport where


Another Hump Hurdled.

See, it not only eludes me, it disguises itself as an "s" word. Totally unfair. I would call shenanigans, but I would have to call it on myself.

So. For years and years the space at the end of the right-hand L of my computer desk has held a stack of electronics which was used to copy videotapes and cassette tapes into the capture card on the PC. From bottom to top:
Sony dual cassette player/recorder. It could also copy tapes at high speed
Sony Videocassette machine
Panasonic DVD player, capable of playing PAL and NTSC discs.
Pioneer VCR/DVD unit. It could copy a videotape to a DVD or vice versa.
Video level balancer. On S-video or composite it could adjust brightness, contrast, color balance and a couple of other useful video elements. Great for making old contrasty, over-saturated tapes into something watchable.
Radio Shack Audio amp/switcher. Inputs for phono, microphone, stereo and outputs for line and speakers. Line is a standard amplitude, speakers could be adjusted. Maybe I should have kept that for the turntable.
Coby 14" color TV

I've kept the TV, but everything else went to Goodwill at lunchtime today, along with another Pamasonic DVD player which has been in the closet since I went for wifi-enabled blu-ray. The TV will be one of the first things to move to the new apartment, since Comcast can use it to test the signals on the lines.

Glad to have more free space on the desk, sad that it's the end of a very long era for me.

Work was challenging again. A couple of tests failed, and making sure the failures are reproducible was particularly time consuming on one which needed a couple of hours of monitoring.

Had my first 1-on-1 with the boss. He had completely forgotten that I'd been gone, and just assumed it was still on my calendar. And he reminded me about weekly reports, which I had not been doing because they would mostly say "shot self in foot. Need new shoes". Not really, it has been very productive, which means more writing than I like to do at the end of a work week.

We also talked about the new corporate reporting tool which is a beautiful thing if one is a sales or marketing dweeb, but just does not apply to test engineers or their managers. There are a lot of ways to set goals, but they are all moving targets. I can say "complete 100 test cases by the end of the year" but some cases take a minute, some take hours. If we had a field in the test cases which said how much time each test is expected to take, then we could apply percentages to the metrics which meant something. But we don't. We came up with some goals which might fool the bean counters work.

Home early, no shopping stop. Cats yelled at me, and got under foot when I was washing out and filling their food bowls, but it turns out they wanted treats and hardly touched the food. Silly cats, treats come after I have dinner.

Dinner was roast beef which has been in the freezer for a year, reheated, cut up and topped with melted cheese, and mixed veggies with some macaroni. Trying to reduce the stuff in the freezer which has to be moved to the new place.

Watched the Orioles beat the Red Sox. Tuned in at the 9th inning. That was fun.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to remember to visit the new apartment for a floor plan. The one online is tiny, and has no dimensions marked on it.
Quick stop at Target for a Kindle stand. Probably will get the folder type with built-in kickstand.
Haul planters and other patio junk out to the dumpster.
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