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Tonight, Tonight

After I woke up from my weird dream, I got dressed and went into the computer room to install the 2GB of Ram which had arrived a couple of days ago. I'm still waiting for two more hard drives, but there's one in there so I thought it would be a good idea to fire the thing up. So I dragged it to my computer table, plugged the video into the VGA connector (my monitor can switch between a digital and an analog card, so it can support both machines at the same time).

Which is when I noticed I only have one keyboard and mouse.

So I ransacked my parts bins, looking for my KVM switch, and instead found a spare DVD burner which I slapped inside the new machine - I'll use it to install the system, then after I've transferred my files from the current machine to the new one I'll take it out and put my newer/faster/better ones into the new case. Had to go downstairs and into the storage room off the patio to get the switch. Which required shifting the bicycle, and the bike's car rack, a big cooler, two cat carriers, and some camping gear.

Back upstairs, I set up the KVM switch, and fired up the new machine. It came up fine, showed me the motherboard splash screen, then turned itself off. It did this three times before I realized this meant something was causing a thermal fault. Sure enough, when I opened the case, the CPU heat sink/fan was kind of dangling. Only the bottom two of its four snap connectors were secure. I fixed that , closed the case up, and everything came up okay, and stayed up while I set the date and went through the BIOS settings. One puzzling thing is no matter which of the four SATA connectors I plugged the hard drive into, it kept telling me the drive was number 3 or 4, and the CD drive was the primary master. That's nothing critical - I'll have three drives in a RAID array together, it won't matter which physical drive is plugged into which connector. Just made me wonder.

That done, I went downstairs for dinner, and halfway through the salad my cell phone played the Hungarian National Anthem at me, which meant I had a text message. Usually that's a calendar item from Yahoo, or an outbid notice from eBay. This time it was Noi, replying to a message I'd sent before I left work. I had not heard from her in a couple of weeks, and decided to ping her. Her message was in pretty good English, saying she wished I would call. So I called, and we chatted for about 15 minutes, I found out a little more about her, and we discussed the possibility of me sending her a plane ticket so she could come visit. I told her it would be best to wait till after winter, because in Bangkok it never gets below 70°, and she would freeze here. And then there's the rain. Plus I need time to save up the fare and she needs time to get a visa. But it looks like it is do-able. It solves a lot of problems too - it's easier for me to take time off if I'm still relatively nearby, she can stay with me, so there's no hotel $$ to shell out.

Busy day tomorrow. After Fedex delivers the two drives:

  • Go to K&S Photo in Palo Alto and shop for a macro extension lens and maybe a light stand
  • Drive to Menlo Shell and have them inspect the tread on my tires (Midas claims they need replacement, but I only have 22k miles on 80k tires)
  • Put a bigger tarp up over the patio so the cats can watch the world go by without getting soaked
  • Vacuum
  • Clean some windows
  • Change the catbox and kitty water fountain
  • Do my Perl homework
  • Read the last chapter in Out of the Silent Planet
  • Read the last story in my sister's creative writing thesis
  • Plug in the two hard drives, fire up the new PC and install Windows Pro x64

And if I have time:
  • Transfer my data files to the new PC and maybe start installing programs.
  • Write down the words for a couple of Thai songs and translate them
  • Listen to the Tata Young concert CD which arrived today (I already watched the video)

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