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Niagara Falls

Step by step, inch by inch, moving day approaches. Today's accomplishments: set up change of address with the P.O., called Comcast and verified my service order, changed the litterboxes and hauled them and garbage out to the dumpster. Also hauled two large planters and a bag of bird seed out there. And noticed three other items on the patio which have been in denial. Bought litterbox replacement cartridges for the move + 2 weeks, miscalculation there, I forgot that when I empty the ones I just replaced, that will be the last time the litterboxes will be at the current address. Cats & litterboxes & food & water will be the first things to move, I think.

Looked into changing my banking to the Tech credit union. Opened an account online, but it will take a few days to gel.

Also bought enough food for 8 days. They have been wanting a 5.5 oz can a day each, half in the morning and half at night.

Put the hoods on the litterboxes 'cause they are saying it will rain this week, maybe this weekend. I just hope it is clear on moving day.

The real fun begins tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to start earlier, but excrement occurred, and life happened. More on that in planz.

Work was mostly a non-starter, not having the equipment or software to run the tests which I know how to do and are left in the plan.  Read some new test cases and caught a major typo in one. Started looking online for classes to take which I can put on my performance plan, but so far the ones which would do me some good are not offered any time soon, or are offered in Chicago.

Lunch was a kind of bait and switch. The usual suspects said we were walking across the street to a place I remember was a regular spot for us, but instead of a 5-minute walk these clowns decided to take the new trail, the long way. 20 minutes. And the return was the trail shortcut - 15 minutes. Not fair.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am p/u pants from alterations place
11:30 Paul Metz memorial (more in a locked post later)
1-ish: johno and Chris' Hawaii-50 birthday party
4-ish: Uhaul for boxes and other moving supplies
5-ish: start packing books, CDs, Videotapes and if I am feeling brave, T-shirts.
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