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About Credit Unions, following up on lisa_marli's comment:

My mother worked for the City of Seattle, and enrolled all of us in their employee credit union. My first car loan was though them - they offered the lowest rates and the least hassle to get approval. I held onto that account for decades. I gave it up when car dealers offered lower interest rates and instant approval. Car dealers are in the car business, credit unions are not, so a car dealer doesn't have a huge problem taking a risk on a car loan - they can re-sell the car. At the time the only ATMs which would take my CU card were in Seattle, and I was in CA. 

I used a credit union down here for a while, but they went out of business. It was before the CUs of the country got together and linked their ATMs. And before they offered online banking.

But all that has changed, a CU ATM card will work in more ATMs than a bank's card. Online banking is routine, as are Quicken download capability - That's a deal-maker for me, I get my transactions into Quicken every night. It has saved me from several attempted fraudulent charges and at least one attempted identity theft.

Last night I signed up online for a TechCU account. Maybe by the end of the week they will send me an account number, and I can start using it.

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