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The memorial started an hour late and ran longer than I expected, but I managed to go home, change into jeans  and a Hawaiian shirt, and get to johno & Chris' 50th birthday co-party by about 3 (it was due to close up at 4). There was still some food and lots of cake left, and it ended with a marshmallow roast. I had brought green M&Ms, and several people stuck some of them into their marshmallows.

I met a very nice couple, Kevin and Mary Lou (or was it May Sue? They only told me 4 times...). Kevin works with John. I spent most of the party chatting with them. Mary (fill in the blank) has a magnetic personality and beautiful eyes, so I asked her if she had an unmarried sister or cousin to hook me up with. She said she has a sister, but her sister lives in Kansas. I said this was something which could be solved with the intelligent application of a plane ticket. They didn't think it would work - apparently sis is one of those Red State voters. I got a negative response to the suggestion that maybe she was a little more burgundy than red. I  gave them my card. Who knows, maybe Mary (?) knows someone local who might be similarly magnetic.

Saw a lot of sci-fi friends and acquiantences.  figmo showed up after the memorial (she had been a speaker), the lovely and quirky Mia, Carole and Bill, Dr. James, Radar (I did not get a chance to talk to her - loved her streaked hair), was once again too shy to talk to Kathy Mar, saw Glenn make a lightning fast appearance.

Home now, it is getting dark much earlier these days, one of the things I hate about fall and winter here. For about 10 minutes I had both cats on my lap as I watched my alma mater's football team walk all over Utah's. Pac-12? Jeeze, Louise, I was not even used to Pac-10 yet.

This morning at 9 I picked up the two pair of pants which I'd left at the cleaners to be hemmed.  That only took a few minutes and I didn't want to change and sit around getting cat hair on the suit pants, so I drove to U-haul and bought boxes, tape, wrapping paper and markers. I tried finding a nearer U-haul via GPS, but the first one it led me to has not been a U-haul for years. The second one is now a car rental place which does sell boxes but there was a long line of renters. So I headed for the one I have used for the last 10 years. They had a sale on bundles, which is what I was looking for.

And I should be putting photo albums, CDs, videos, books and beanie babies in boxes right now, but I have all of tomorrow...

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack everything which won't be needed the rest of the week.
Maybe make a house call to a couple's whose PC I helped set up. They have been stymied by the Iolo disk scrubber software, and it's time to wipe the disc on the old PC.
Coffee with Janice? I have no idea if she is around this weekend.


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