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Boxing Day

I still have boxes left, so I must not be done packing. :-)

I am sort of surprised by two things:
- I packed everything I had planned to pack today except the stuff on top of the piano
- It took from 8 am till 10:30m pm, and required a nap at about 4, and lots of breaks.
Major amounts of hydration were involved. And about 1600 units of Ibuprofen.
Domino seems to know that something unusual is going on. Pumpkin is oblivious.
The reason for book cases and CD racks is they take up way less floor space than boxes of their contents.

I managed to watch the best parts of the 9ers-Eagles game, and the Ravens-Jets game, the latter while phoning my Baltimore sister, who was forced to move in a weekend when her apartment was flooded and condemned. To balance things, I also phoned my Poulsbo sister, whose husband was also watching the game.

Had I finished earlier, I'd have made a dumpster/recycling bin run and gone to Starbucks, but after 10 that's not feasible so I'm at Denny's, recharging with chocolate ice cream and using their free wifi.The clientèle is not quite as classy.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA with a LOT of auction items. Could have added a bunch of CDs, but I'll take those to Goodwill instead.
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