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Sleep Helps

Yesterday I could not brain. way too little sleep and too much physical stuff. Went to bed early-ish, slept pretty soundly once I did sleep (it took a while), woke up too early but got about another hour in there.

Work was good - software arrived that was keeping me from doing one test, and one of the other techs figured out how to make half of our ad insertion tool work. . Ad insertion is taking advertisements from a video file or a timed feed and inserting them into the TV program which is in progress.  And then back again. Cable companies generally get the ads from a separate server, and it can be over a coax cable or from a network connection. Our software tool can only insert an ad into one program at a time on the network side, but my buddy figured out how to do a virtually unlimited number from the cable feed. In plain English, I was able to interrupt a TV program and play the same ad on 8 different channels. With the box I am working on, the limit is 96 channels, but that's a lot of typing to set up.

Went with the gang for lunch (the stuff I was going to drop off at Goodwill can wait till I have more than a single bag's worth) to SmokeEaters because a couple of them wanted to try the hotter wings. "Nuclear" is what they call it. I don't like spicy, I'd rather taste the chicken, so I tried the mild teriyaki & honey mustard. They put way too much sauce on them. The teriyaki was ok, the honey mustard was a lot better after I scraped off the sauce. One of the fellows who went nuclear pretended he was fine, but he only finished half the wings and was turning progressively redder as the meal continued.

Home by way of Safeway to get laundry stuff, and decided to do laundry at the apartment when I saw nobody was using any of the machines. That was better than sitting in a laundromat. I finally cleared off all the stuff on top of the piano and dusted it off, and printed envelopes for mailing my change of address to the IRS and Franchise Tax board. Went to get my clothes out of the washer, and the one with my jeans & t-shirts had stopped running with a 3/4 full tank of water during the rinse cycle. While the other two loads dried I put those into another machine. Used the cell phone to go to the machine company's web site & place a service call and request a refund.

Then it was back to the PC, where I went through a long list of places which needed my new address. The only other one which needed it on paper was my parents' trust fund bank account (some federal law about trusts not allowed to have an online presence).

Paypal gave me a hard time about updating the addresses for a couple of credit cards - apparently the changes I made at the card companies' sites had not clicked in yet. No worries, no rush to get that done.

I tried to update my address for the water/sewer/garbage billing company, but it would not let me log in. After trying six different ways it was clear my account was no longer active, which was the whole idea. I guess the landlord notified them.

TechCU would not let me order checks. I need to call them about that - my rent and Comcast and a couple of others like to do auto payments from checking, and I have no routing number to give them.  Again, no rush as I won't be funding the account and setting up direct deposit for a week or two.

The piano top was all I packed today, I feel like such a slacker, but the address changes took a couple of hours. Did the DMV one at work - they let you do driver's license and vehicle reg online, and they will also update your voter registration for you. Neat.

It has been raining, sometimes pretty hard, most of the night. This makes me unhappy. I just hope it gets it out of its system before Saturday. Preferably before Friday because that's when I'll move the cats and the computer setup over to the new place.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, get my camera gear into their Pelican cases and pack anything in the computer room closet which can be packed. Most of what is in there are plastic bins which just need the doors taped closed. But somewhere in there are my scuba fins, mask & snorkel.
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