Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Packed Out

I am all packed out. I've been putting things in boxes since Sunday, hauling stuff to the dumpster and Goodwill for three weeks, and have not even started on the kitchen. Today all the files were boxed up, as well as the contents of the computer desk and credenza. The Wii is in its box,  the box 'o' keyboards and power strips is in a new un-torn box and sealed up. All my 20x30 poster-framed photos are in a mirror box.

Went to U-haul after work, got there at 6:10, did not get waited on till after 7. One very slow person at the counter, two people ahead of me in line, neither one even remotely prepared to place an order. Second one wanted a trailer to tow his Mustang up to Clear Lake, and had no idea where up there he was going to return the trailer, and the guy at the counter was not finding the right answer. And then it took six credit card swipes. Make that check cards - he entered PIN numbers each time. These he keeps wrapped in a rubber band. Sheesh.

And the parking lot was chock full of trucks and vans.  Lots of people are leaving town this weekend.

Got my boxes, eventually.

I could have sworn this is the same place I got instant service a few days ago, but maybe not - the room with the boxes was on the right in this one, they were on the left last time. Looked it up and now I am kicking myself because I could have bailed and gone to the other one which was on my way home. :-(

Work was not very productive, I needed IT help to set up the only tests I have left which I know how to do, and they were busy. So I did my performance review, which is due tomorrow. It should have taken 5 minutes, but took longer because one of my goals is to take a useful class from MotoU, but all the searches turned up useless classes (communications skills in Polish, lots of stuff in Chicago only open to the other piece of Moto, etc.) or classes which were not offered. I chose one of those and applied for it, since they said it was offered when there was demand. I doubt there will be enough demand, though.

Been testing the cats on Sophisticat canned food. They love Mariner's Catch, they like Seafarer's Choice but can't stand salmon. Go figure.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am claim the new apartment, bring a tape measure.
Back to work
Leave early to disconnect the electronics, do some more packing and bring the cats to the new place, set them up in a close-able room with food, water & litterbox. Back home for the night.
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