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The Important Things Are done

- Items left behind by the movers have been salvaged from the old apartment.*
- Garbage left in the old apartment has been dumpstered. **
- Cat food & water set up in new apartment
- Litterbox set up in smaller bathroom
- Cats' favorite food purchased (48 cans, good for 24 days, give or take)
- Shower curtain, rings & bathroom rugs purchased and installed in master bath
- Livingroom set up the way I want it (much moving of furniture involved)
- Entertainment center up and running w/surroundsound
- Computer system up and running w/surroundsound
- Furcam back online, with new IP address: guest/guest login ought to work

Last night I was so pooped I crashed at about 8:30, both cats curled up next to me in bed. That almost never happens. Took a long time to switch off my brain and get to sleep. Woke up a few times for pit stops, finally woke for real at about 7 am. Was at the old apartment by 9, grumbling to myself about the mess the movers made in an already woefully filthy apartment. One of the lamps in the study had a broken shade (made from cheap plastic). Instead of taping it up, the movers removed it, and it was smashed in a hundred little pieces on the floor.

*Movers are not allowed to carry flammable and caustic chemicals, so I expected most of my cleaning fluids to be left behind, but they also did not take anything else in that closet, which included an ironing board, sewing machine, iron, car steering wheel covers, bungee cords and a couple of picnic-friendly table cloths. Up on the balcony, they left one of the litterboxes, litter scoopers and a small stand with 3 cubby holes. They also had left a scratching post on the balcony which belonged downstairs. There were a bunch of boards used to block the cat fall-through area and two cat doors for sliding glass doors and a couple of plastic office floor protectors (the kind you use to let the chairs roll on carpet, but they were there to keep the litter from falling through the cracks in the floor to the patio) which I'd asked them to haul out to the dumpster (they had these bins on wheels which one person could have done in one trip) which they left in place. So did I - I'll let the cleaners cope with that and expect to pay extra. They completely missed everything in the upstairs bathroom, none of which was forbidden to move - shower attachment, small tubs with hair cutting gear and bandaids, etc. I had a rack full of bubble wrap in the hallway, and had asked them to use it for packing. The took the rack, but left a huge pile of bubble wrap on the floor. I also told them to use the paper wrap which I'd bought from U-haul, and though they used three rolls of their own paper, they opened the package (so I can't get a refund on it) and only used a few sheets, leaving the rest on the floor, still in the box.

** Movers took the garbage bags out of the garbage cans, and left them in the dining room. They also left 5 out of 6 the empty garbage cans scattered through the apartment. It took 5 trips to the dumpster to toss what I could. Most of the balcony stuff was too big for me to handle.

On move-in, there was one huge WTF - when I opened the box with the computer monitor, they had also packed a container of Clorox wipes, which leaked. Luckily it leaked onto wrapping paper and not anything valuable. But they were not supposed to pack that at all. It was out on the balcony, and how it landed in a box for the study is another WTF.

Unloading was a zoo. They put many boxes in the wrong rooms, and I'll have to dig through two closets to find everything. It will probably take weeks.

They did manage to move the piano without damaging it. That was major.

The new place has great maintenance. I went online and placed a service call to fix a couple of things, and someone showed up the next day. One of the things was in the bathroom where the cats were locked up, so he placed a new order for the next day (today) and that was fixed within 20 minutes of the appointment time.

I did the first piece of washing - the sofa cover. I suppose I ought to take it out of the dryer.

But the main anxiety is over. Going out to dinner again because the kitchen is full of boxes.

Plans for tomorrow:

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