Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Good Morning

1:30 am, feels like before midnight thanks to long nap when I got home from work. Was a zombie all day - power was out in the apartment, had to shower by flashlight, and went into work way too early. Got some complex tests run, more tomorrow.

Woke up at about 9 pm, attacked some of the boxes in the kitchen. Am mourning the loss of a can of cola - had a sizpack of the Simpsons brand, but the movers had apparently grabbed it by one of the cans, and when I picked up the pack one can fell out and burst all over the wall and fridge.

Another mover WTF is at the bottom of a bunch of kitchen ware there were framed photos, which should have been in their own box. Idiots.

Last night I tried in vain to locate the box of stuff the movers packed which would have my bedroom DVD player, Comcast box, nightstand radio and the controller for the lights. I have a wireless setup, and I found all the pieces and installed them, except for the piece which sets the timer programs. When I came home today the lights were on which the controller is programmed to turn on at dusk, so at least I know it is in a box somewhere. I'll have to empty all the mover-packed boxes to find it. Those are easy to identify - they used plastic tape (I used paper tape) and they did a very sloppy job of taping the boxes - most had way more tape than needed, and were not completely closed on top.

It may take a few days.

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