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Moving has made me miss friends performing in Oliver, HMS Pinafore, 42nd Street, Gypsy, Shout, Bandstand Beat and probably a couple of other shows I truly wanted to see. Foo.
Woke up this morning with a handful of Pumpkin. Petting him revealed huge mats - I found the kitchen scissors and chopped off several of the bigger ones. He was not amused.

I mentioned that I had not found the wireless controller which turns on the lights in the apartment, or the radio from the night stand, or the bedroom's DVD player or the Comcast box I have to return to them or pay $500 for. This morning I heard a clock radio's backup alarm beeping from deep inside the closet in the computer room. I had to unpack the entire walk-in closet to get to it, it was at the furthest corner below several other boxes. All those items were in there. The box was clearly marked "bedroom" in the chief mover's handwriting. It had to be one of the first boxes into the apartment, when there was plenty of room in the bedroom closet. Foo.

But I did manage to set up the DVD player and test it. I need to re-think the clock radio, though. It's awkward for a bedside alarm machine, the buttons are not in intuitive places.

That made me a few minutes late for work, but not the 20 minutes it would have been from the old apartment. Yay.

Work started out slowly, but when I finally got together with the Person Who Knows, I was able to knock out two test cases in maybe half an hour. There was some administrative work to be done, and I took time during a break to try to set up automatic payments with Comcast, but for some reason they have tied that to the IP phone service, and want a PIN number I don't have and should not need for this. I'll try calling a human tomorrow - the online chat people don't understand much English.

At lunchtime I went to the CU and did the verified signature thing, and got my full account number for direct deposit (the one they give out when you sign up is missing a bunch of ones and zeros which are filler to appease the federal banking system).

Had lunch at St. John's, which was way noisier than I remembered it, and out of >100 customers I saw maybe 4 women.

Just as I was getting ready to wind things down at work, a bug I'd filed was reported as fixed, so I gave it a try and it failed. The engineer came over to see, but then it worked. And it stayed working, so I closed the bug. He thinks it's the home made test software QA uses to get around buying a lot of very expensive servers, and I would tend to agree.

After work I went to the 2nd nearest Safeway (the nearest is in the evening commute direction) and was somewhat boggled - it is maybe 3x larger than the ones I used in Mountain View. Lots of eye candy. Lots of Halloween candy. Took a while to find where they hid the dishwasher detergent. Took longer to find the ice cream, but that's because I was coming from the detergent aisle. Got lots of frozen stuff, microwave dinners mostly, one or two of which will be dinner after I write this.

Weather has been very odd. Cold in the morning, very hot and humid in the evening. One thing I am grateful for is last week when we had the unseasonable several days of rain, I heard nobody say "but we need the rain". I want to smack people who say that, it just annoys me. This year topped the rainfall charts in the Bay Area so no, we don't need the rain. There is no more room for it to be stored.

This evening I have slacked a bit on the unpacking, I'll have the bathroom all done tonight, may get some more of the kitchen done. I thought about printing new return address labels, but I am out of the blank forms. And new business cards are designed and ready to print but that printer is still on the floor across the room.

Plans for tomorrow:
More unpacking
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